01 Skin Whitening Bar Review

01 Skin Whitening Bar Review

Hi guys!! How are you today?
Are you guys a soap lover? Well, allow me share this soap I been trying nowadays!

01 Skin Whitening Bar Review  with Glutathione + Skin Vitamins + Kojic Acid.

First, I didn’t plan to buy this soap, but this product is included in my front row whitening package when I purchased a membership package to get 50% discounts on luxxe white glutathione on my next purchase but luckily they give this as a freebie so I left no choice only to try it also.. and today I will post my honest review after finishing my first bar.

Infused with anti-oxidants, anti-aging and skin lightening agents.

01 SKIN WHITENING BAR helps lighten skin pigmentation such as age spots, freckles, acne scars and pigmented skin. Continuous use will help reduce hyper pigmentation and give you a younger and brighter looking skin tone. It is the primary whitening and skin renewal system of the three FRONTROW soap products.

Get the glow you’ve always wanted! See visible results in just 14 days! 

Packaging/Label; 01 Skin Whitening Bar Review

The Packaging is really nice.. (Astig!)

can lighten skin pigmentation
gently exfoliate skin
mild scent
renew skin

skin tend to dry as part of the exfoliating
does not bubble well
leaving residue of the soap will cause skin to itch and feeling sore

always use a sunblock when going outdoor.

Where to buy? Buy with confidence here in this website:  CLICK HERE!
How much? P240/ 150g bar

Rating: **4

Love you Loves! XOXO,

 xoxo tin blog


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