500 Peso Makeup Challenge Ft. Rucy’s Vanity

500 Peso Makeup Challenge

I’m back and today’s post is 500 peso makeup challenge ft. Rucy’s Vanity Cosmetics, well, I tried to look for makeup here in my area, but unfortunately they’re all expensive and 500 pesos just not enough to complete a makeup look.

So here, Rucy’s Vanity suits the budget. Though I added another brand from Me now, but still it fits the budget okay, are you ready?

500 Peso Makeup Challenge Ft. Rucy’s Vanity

First off, Let’s start with a base and I will be using Rucy’s Vanity BB Cream SPF 20 PA+++, they called this BB cream as gleamy whitening because it has the following:


  • UV Protection
  • Anti Wrinkle
  • Whitening
  • A makeup base
  • Foundation

Rucy’s Vanity BB Cream SPF 20 PA+++ Price: P160.00

500 Peso Makeup Challenge Photo
When you apply the cream, make sure to tone your face first to remove excess oil from the skin, but I skip it here since we are doing a 500 pesos makeup challenge, okay. Just put a small amount of the cream to avoid waste of the product because if you don’t know yet guys this BB cream is very pigmented something that I didn’t notice that I put too much and then to realize I dispense a lot. GOT SOME WASTED!!

After I blended all the cream, this how it looks. 🙂 Sobrang puti nya pala!! 🙂

500 Peso Makeup Challenge Photo 3

Rucy’s Vanity Auto Eyebrow Pencil Shade Brown Price P64.00

Next I applied Rucy’s Vanity Auto Eyebrow Pencil Brown Price: P64.00, this eyebrow is very pigmented too, and it’s so affordable with the price P64.00 I think this is a good deal. The only thing I don’t like about it is because it has orange undertone. I prefer something greyish to put on my eyebrow, but anyway its okay knowing that the price won’t hurt! 🙂

Then here it is, when the eyebrow on fleek!

500 Peso Makeup Challenge Photo 6
I also put some on the outer crease of my eyelid to create a little bit of eye shadows and I like it.. I also use this as eyeliner on my lower eyelid. Hmm, I think this really works like that. 🙂

Let’s move on to the cheeks. I will be using here at 2 in 1 lip makeup. This called Rucy’s Vanity Lip and cheek Gel Red. We have makeup from lip and cheek in just one product that cost for only P64.00! Wow, SWAK na SWAK on our 500 pesos makeup challenge right?

Lip and cheek Gel Red

This is how it looks on my face:

500 Peso Makeup Challenge Photo Cover

Then after that, I put on Rucy’s Vanity liquid eyeliner. I got it for only P128 pesos. The liquid eyeliner is pretty easy to apply and does not smudge on my eye, it didn’t turn my eyes like a panda so that’s a good point. 🙂

500 Peso Makeup Challenge Photo 5

Last is the other brand of Me Now Cosmetics, Sorry I added this, but I didn’t find mascara that fit for the budget so I decided to use this Me Now Long Lasting waterproof mascara which I purchased here in my place. It retails for only 44 pesos so I added it to the list.

I’m so amazed with this mascara because it gives me the right volume on my lashes, considering the price of just a dollar omg! I love it. Also, it does not give me a panda look.

List of the makeup Used From Rucy’s Vanity

  1.  BB Cream SPF 20 PA+++ P160.00
  2. Auto Eyebrow Pencil P64.00
  3. Lip and cheek Gel Red P64.00
  4. Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner P128.00


  1. Menow Long Lasting Waterproof Mascara P44.00

Total Spent + Shipping Fee: 570

500 Peso Makeup Challenge

Rucy’s Vanity makeup is available at glamourbox.ph, I got all these stuffs when they have a sale as I subscribe to their newsletter.

You can also watch my 500 Peso Makeup Challenge here:

That’s it guys! See you again on my next post.


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