Avon Heaven Scent Splash Cologne Review


Years back, Heaven Scent Splash Cologne was one of my favorite all time cologne during high school days. When I went back home, I include this to my order list from Avon products, I’m thinking of reviewing it this time. And today here I am sharing you my thoughts about Heaven Scent Splash Cologne Soothing Lullaby.

Avon Heaven Scent Splash Cologne Review
Avon Heaven Scent Splash Cologne Review

The name itself makes me fall asleep. I got 2 bottles of this cologne, mine is for review and the other one is to be given out with my readers. I also added Simply Pretty Liquid eyeliner so the winner will receive two items from Avon. If you have not yet joined, click here to link up my recent giveaway. A bit thrifty this time because I will focus on giving away a monthly basis. Yay! So stay tuned for more!

Moving back to Heaven Scent Splash Cologne Review, it smells innocent and tender. I can imagine I’m surrounded with angels and magical faeries on the cloud and I was like sleeping and dreaming. It’s finally day time here when I’m writing this review so I was like day dreaming! haha.

OK, I’l be honest now! Heaven Scent Splash Cologne smells like baby powder, and It reminds me of my daughter Shantal when she was months old. I think back when I’m putting a powder on her when changing her diapers It smells like sweet, fruity and so huggable. Baby’s scent is really so huggable.

WHY I like Heaven Scent Splash Cologne?

  • The Price is Affordable, P89 is so cheap for 100ML, too huge for me which I really like.
  • The opening is fresh and citrus floral and the dry down is similar to the clean and tender baby powder fragrance. I like it smells so flowery, perfumed and fruity just like the scent of summer.
  • The wear time last for 6 hours with my skin and I will retouch so it will take long. Oh and no overpowering smell, either. I detest it when I get dizzy of those heavy smells of perfume.
  • Available from Avon Outlet and Dealer.. It’s super easy to find.


One day, I put it inside my purse and I’ve found out that it’s leaking inside. The flip cap top was loosened up and I don’t know why, I didn’t check if the screw cap was completely tight. And so some of my things at bottom the bag get wet. MY MISTAKE! Anyways, I’ve learned from my mistake next time I’ll be more cautious. 😀

Rating: 4.6/5

I would like to recommend it to young ladies and mom’s with your children. Experience the Summer Scent from Heaven Scent Splash Cologne. 🙂

Feel Free to comment a scent you want from Avon and other brands. I may want to try it myself. 🙂

Thanks for sharing.

Good luck!

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