Avon SSS Skin So Soft GLUTATHIONE Whitening Lotion with SPF15 Review

Asian skin dream for a clean and a flawless complexion, that is why skin care products belong in the green markets. Some ladies are really anxious to finally achieve that flawless skin they always dream of. I confess I was not the exception of these ladies I’m talking about. I’ve belonged to them, the ultimate Skin Obsessed baby that’s how my mom describe me,  she always sent me this Skin So Soft ‘Soft and White’ Glutathione Whitening renewal Hand and Body Lotion. This is one of my Favorite Whitening Lotion indeed and finally Mine is half empty and finally I’m ready to post my review.

Avon Skin So Soft 'Soft and White' GLUTATHIONE skin renewal hand and body lotion with SPF15
Avon Skin So Soft ‘Soft and White’ GLUTATHIONE skin renewal hand and body lotion with SPF15

I took this from my cousin, she’s an Avon dealer for a long time. 2 years passed, I’m far away with her hence I could not able to purchase One. Well, glad to be back here in the province. It’s time to take in my favorite Avon products.

Oops, Sorry I continue this post very long ha-ha! Bear with me because I’m so madaldal (talkative). Lol! : )

Ok, lets review this product Avon Skin So Soft ‘Soft and White’ GLUTATHIONE skin renewal hand and body lotion with SPF.

The packaging looks a bit sexy. It’s like plastic bottle coca cola body, but a more chubby size. It’s pretty nice flip cap top is also nice, but this cap makes the lotion messy but that’s fine with me. I don’t mind with how the packaging counts! Ha-ha, I’m more on the essence of the product.

Avon SSS Skin So Soft GLUTATHIONE Whitening Lotion with SPF15 Review
Avon SSS Skin So Soft GLUTATHIONE Whitening Lotion with SPF15 Review


The aroma is like flowery scent and it holds too long which is I really like on whitening lotion. The smell expires after 6 hours on me! Perhaps because I sweat a lot, it stays long during winter for me.

The Consistency of the product is creamy and dense. I think this is 99% lotion. It glides smoothly on the skin. I massage it thoroughly to absorb the lotion fast and because it is thick proper kneading and massaging is really needed to avoid the white cast. It really makes my skin instantly white after application. It holds the instant glow and whitening effect. Awesome! If you are a darker skin tone, sorry guys, but this does not look good to you, I think the white ashy color is visible after you use it.

I’ve been using this for 2 weeks Whole Body. This Lotion does not hold out for long with me because I put a lot of the product, Normally, I use it morning and evening, and it’s almost half empty. Oh, I noticed that this has the SPF and Glutathione + Marula which is truly beneficial to the skin. Maybe this simply the first SPF lotion of SSS Lotion if I’m not mistaken. So marking all the effect on me, I think Avon’s exaggerating the claims to much

Avon claims:
Attain a fairer skin in just 3 days through the powerful combination of Glutathione and SPF15.

My thoughts: I didn’t expose myself to the sun while using this lotion, the 3 days is not dependable. Don’t convince me with the power of glutathione, because I know It work best when ingested orally. I have already fair skin, but If it can make skin fairer in 3 days I should notice it. I get soft and smoother skin yes, but the whitening in 3 days is not working on me. However, the instant whitening after application is quite good which I really like..

Avon claims:

Infused with Glutathione, a well known anti-oxidant, this lotion makes skin look and feel renewed and rejuvenated in just 12 hours!

My thoughts: Yes, I agree with Avon, my skin seems really soft all day. The lotions hides some blemishes on my skin, which is a good point.

Avon Claims:
Formulated with SPF to provide against skin damaging UV Rays from the sun. This lightweight moisturizer helps leave skin looking radiantly fair and provides an immediate whitening effect after the first application. Created to decelerate melanin product and helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots.

My thoughts:
Well, I like the SPF. This is the first time to try SSS lotion from Avon with SPF, still bring umbrella with you when moving outside the sun. thumbs up with the instant whitening effect after application. It gets my skin glow, I love touching my skin because its soft and smooth.

Overall. 4/5Rating. I really love Avon Skin So Soft ‘Soft and White’ GLUTATHIONE skin renewal hand and body lotion with SPF15.


This goes best to whiter and fairer skin specially Asian Women. Sensitive skin and with darker skin tone, visible white cast will show if applied to much.. Test first for sensitivity. Male can use this product.

That’s all.

See you on my next succeeding post!


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