Bench Bamboo & Green tea Body Scrub Review


Bamboo & Green tea Body Scrub Review
Price: (200ML) PHP 149.00

Bamboo & Green tea Body Scrub Review

What it claims:

Detoxifies skin impurities for healthy skin.

Pamper your skin with this gentle exfoliating body scrub enriched with natural antioxidants.

Bamboo Extract helps refresh dull and tired skin caused by stress and pollution

Green Tea Extract promotes skin renewal, has natural sun protection and antibacterial


Together, they help promote healthy, youthful, and vibrant skin.


Massage all over your body. Apply generously on rough areas. Rinse thoroughly.

Bench Bamboo & Green tea Body Scrub Review


My Thoughts:

Who love scrubs? Oh, I love organics!

I didn’t know Bench have Skin Care products! I recognized it when one day I went to the

Watsons and saw it in the corner. I love scrubs so I decided to buy one for a review. I’ve already

been using this for 3 weeks now and now I want to unveil my thoughts about this product. I see

the packaging quite simple and pleasant to the eyes, the consistency of the product is thick

and creamy with a tiny small bead. I find it heavy to spread because of the consistency. The

scent is a bit strong and I don’t like it because I preferred scrubs with a mild scent. Anyhow, It’s

okay, I’m more on the effect of the product, though the overpowering scent makes me dizzy

I started using this after I finished my Instant Glow Body Scrub, but since It’s out of stock I

choose this as a substitute. I scrub my body 4 times a week, 3 times when I am not so busy.
The exfoliating effect of this product really impressed me, because my skin became soft and


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