Best Skin Cream – Skin Potions Snow Berry Sleeping Cream Mask Review

Best Skin Cream – Skin Potions Snow Berry Sleeping Cream Mask Review

Here’s another review guys, for me this is the best skin cream – skin potions snow berry sleeping cream mask that I’ve tried.  You guys this is not sponsored! I bought this with my own money 🙂 Are you looking for a skin cream that works for acne, acne scars and a lot of skin problems? Well, you might consider this baby.

Product Review: Skin Potions Snow Berry Cream Mask

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It retails P450.00 for a 50g. I bought it at shoppe, ( one of my fave online shopping site).


Lightens dark spots, dark areas, pimple marks, pimple scars, freckles, stretch marks, bite marks and smoothens skin.

Best Skin Cream – Skin Potions Snow Berry Sleeping Cream Mask Packaging

The packaging is quiet good, ah No! Its pretty because it comes in a pink jar with a floral and strawberry design. Direction, precaution and the active ingredients are located at the bottom of the jar. This cream is smell so yummy, so you should keep it out for children reach.

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During daytime, I used it as a daily moisturizer. I put a small amount of the cream on my hands then spread it to my face as a makeup base. At night, I scoop more cream and apply it like a white mask covering all over my face except the eyes, nose and mouth.


Why best skin cream ever? Good news, this is the only cream that I finished the whole jar, I never did this from previous cream that I tried before because the result was kind of long. I hate waiting. Ha-ha, if the product does not work within 1 week of used I stop and will never use it again whenever it is expensive. So when I used the Skin Potions Sleeping Cream Mask, in just 3 days I noticed results from my skin.

Skin Potions Snow Berry Sleeping Cream Mask Review Before and After

Pimples quickly dries and prevent it from popping in my face. Nowadays, I seldomly get pimples. Maybe, there’s one trying to pop up when its the time.of the month, but the cream prevents it overnight. That’s why I can’t stop using it. Also, some of my old acne scars got lightened and some fresh new acne scars was totally vanished in just 2 weeks of using it. Isn’t amazing? I love it and you guys should try it too. Who knows this also work for you. 🙂

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