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Buah Merah Mix Review – Best Antioxidant Juice Drink

Buah Merah Mix Review – Best Antioxidant Juice Drink

Buah Merah Mix for Weight loss

It takes me some time to write Buah Merah Mix Review, it is because if you following my blog for a long time you know that I don’t review wasted product. So by now I have decided to write my thoughts about it since I already see improvements not just to me but also to my daughter. She really loves Buah Merah Mix same like First Vita Plus Juice Drink. I’m not against Network Marketing specifically if it belongs to health and wellness, in fact, I patronage their products when I have already proven its benefits. Ask me why? It is because, like I said here: PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. And also, I hate synthetic medicine!


BUAH MERAH Mix is a healthy powder and refreshing juice drink distributed by Essensa Naturals Inc. It is enriched with Natural Antioxidant called BETA-crypthoxanthin for strong immunity.

BUAH MERAH fruit has belonged to a Pandan Family and is eaten in Papua and Indonesia. In Papua they called it kuansu, while Indonesian called it Buah Merah or the RED FRUIT. A licensed Filipino Chemist, Ms. Jocelyn Alcasabas and Mr. Jim Paulo Alcasabas formulated it in the Philippines.

An FDA Philippines APPROVED, Organic and 100% Safe for daily used.

buah merah ingredients

Buah Merah Mix is made from synergistic combinations of fruits and green Superfoods such as BARLEY, MANGOSTEEN, MORINGA, WHEAT GRASS, GUYABANO, STEVIA and Buah Merah fruit extract

buah merah ingredients


The last 2 weeks I’ve finished my last sachet of First Vita Plus Melon Juice so I decided to give a try for Buah Merah Mix. To be sure that I have a supplementation of fruits and vegetables. I have to be honest here, it’s hard for me to eat fruits and veggies on a regular basis. Imagine how hard it is for my friend to convince me to become Vegan! 😘 If you’re reading this my friend. I’m so sorry!! You know I tried so hard Hehe

Buah Merah Mix Review & how to drink buah merah mix

Going back to my 2 weeks of taking Buah Merah Mix, I just drink 2 bottles caps 30 minutes before meal. The first week I experienced another healing process, to those who don’t understand I will explain it in a simple way, the healing process is like you experience the changes and reaction to your body like inflammation, you feel weak, etc. During that time, I got colds and phlegm as in from time to time I have to spit many phlegm then I felt weak not weak literally. I Just felt I wanted to lay in bed all the time because I don’t have the energy.

how to drink buah merah mix

Oops! Am I getting you scary? Don’t be because I’m a bit relieved when I experienced those effects on my body, it means Buah Merah Mix is doing its job internally, flushing all the toxins out and rejuvenate my body. I experienced those symptoms for a week while I’m continuously taking Buah Merah. Then I get well on the 9th days feeling more energetic and youthful. Just like nothing happen! Buah Merah Mix😊😇 antioxidant effect is to restore the healthy cells and to defend the body against free radicals.

Buah Merah Health Benefits

Benefits of Buah Merah Mix are disease prevention and recommended for person suffering from illness like cancer, tumor, cysts, infection, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney and liver problems, hepatitis, HIV aids, prostate problem, osteoporosis, asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis, Cancer and Tumors, AIDS, Stroke and High Blood, Goiter, myoma, Asthma, Arthritis, Bronchial Problem, Prostate Problem, High Cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, Thyroid Problem, Liver Problem, Kidney Problem, Colon Problem, Heart Problem, Ovarian Problems, Poor Memory, Constipation, Urinary Track Infection (UTI), Weak Body, Anemia, and several others. I know some people who survived from breast cancers by drinking it regularly, also it helps couples who wants to have babies in the future.

Where To Buy Buah Merah Mix?

PLEASE NOTE:  I will earn a small commission when you purchase using the link above so I hope it’s okay with you! I put affiliate link only to the product I truly believe in, but always remember not all products that work for me may work for you!

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So guys, have you tried Buah Merah Mix? Did you feel the healing process? What’s your story about? You can share with me in the comment box below.

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