BYS Brow Definition Kit Review

Here’s another review from BYS. The product is BYS Brow Definition Kit, which is the latest makeup from BYS. When it comes to everyday makeup routine, my brows are always my concern. I can go out with just a powder and lip balm, but not without fixing my brows before leaving the house, I also sleep with my brow on though I have already washed my face I needed to re apply a brow pencil or a one of my favorite shade from a brow kit. So, when I got my Glamour Box, I am so happy that there was a Brow Kit inside. Oh. I really love it.

What is it?
BYS Brow Definition Kit – Price P399.00

BYS Brow Definition Kit  11

It consist of 4 trays. One, the lower ideal tray consists of a priming wax, you use this to your eyebrow to clean and prime it in the powder. Following usage among the 3 powders to truly make your eyebrows stand apart, and do not fret, the 3 powders have actually been developed particularly so you could mix them all to develop your ideal color.
One package fits all! You can just Prompt the eyebrow with this BYS Brow Definition Kit! Dual finished applicator consisted of.

BYS Brow Definition Kit  Swatches

What I like:
I like all the shades inside the trays, you choose among the 3 powders to match your ideal shade on your eyebrows. I do have a really dark and thick hair, so the dark brown is my favorite.
I like the priming wax because it helps to the longevity of the shade on my brows. The powders absorbed by the wax smoothly and fill in sparse areas and lock brows in place. It’s perfect for everyday use.

BYS Brow Definition Kit

What I don’t like:
Nothing, I really like this brow kit.
Will I repurchase? Yes.. I will, definitely. I really love this brow kit and I use it every day. This is perfect for you all ladies, mom and working ladies out there. Give it a try, and I’m sure you love it too.

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