Clean and Clear Oil Control Film Review

Clean and Clear Oil control Film

Clean and Clear Oil Control Film Review

I hate oily face ha-ha! Though, I have oily skin, super Oily skin because I sweat a lot. Good thing is I discover a very handy sheet or film that do magic to answer my problem! This product does wonders and take away oil in your face in an instant and I really really love this product.


Review: Clean and Clear Blotting Paper

I’m not an outgoing person, I merely go out when I have to buy something and for business reasons. Therefore, going out is really a big chance for me to get oily face because I sweat a lot and when I go out I always have make up on and its really undesirable when it looks so oily! Hence, this blotting paper/film become my angel. Lately, I can’t leave the house without it. It really absorbs the oil in my face and just a piece of film dabbing to my face, specially to my T zone. Wow!! The oily skin disappears! It’s really awesome, right?

Clean and Clear Oil Control Film Review Before and After !

Clean and Clear Oil Control Film Review

After using clean and clear:

Using a piece of oil control film I feel I’m fresh again. Look, the blotting paper become transparent when it absorbs the oils on my face. Yucks!

So why I really like this product?


This is available nationwide anywhere at your nearest drugstore
It really is very handy
It does not have a real heavy smell
-It is soft to touch, to the skin
It is natural and does not clog pores
-Absorb the oil in a blink of an eye


-This quite expensive, I hope the price is lower than P50 or just like the cost of the facial tissue paper (lol)


Rating: 4.5

Will I recommend this?

– Yeah! Women, can buy this and include in your makeup kit. Men can also use this.


I only recommend products that I personally tried and tested, but please note that although some products or services I tried may work for me in any case may not work for you or vice versa. You know we have different type of body's metabolism and we are born of different mothers. 🙂 Business Proposal are welcome, but all my thoughts about the product featured in this blog either sponsored or not is 100% unbiased and all opinions are honest.


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