Clean and Clear Oil Control Film Review

Clean and Clear Oil control Film

Clean and Clear Oil Control Film Review

I hate oily face ha-ha! Though, I have oily skin, super Oily skin because I sweat a lot. Good thing is I discover a very handy sheet or film that do magic to answer my problem! This product does wonders and take away oil in your face in an instant and I really really love this product.


Review: Clean and Clear Blotting Paper

I’m not an outgoing person, I merely go out when I have to buy something and for business reasons. Therefore, going out is really a big chance for me to get oily face because I sweat a lot and when I go out I always have make up on and its really undesirable when it looks so oily! Hence, this blotting paper/film become my angel. Lately, I can’t leave the house without it. It really absorbs the oil in my face and just a piece of film dabbing to my face, specially to my T zone. Wow!! The oily skin disappears! It’s really awesome, right?

Clean and Clear Oil Control Film Review Before and After !

Clean and Clear Oil Control Film Review

After using clean and clear:

Using a piece of oil control film I feel I’m fresh again. Look, the blotting paper become transparent when it absorbs the oils on my face. Yucks!

So why I really like this product?


This is available nationwide anywhere at your nearest drugstore
It really is very handy
It does not have a real heavy smell
-It is soft to touch, to the skin
It is natural and does not clog pores
-Absorb the oil in a blink of an eye


-This quite expensive, I hope the price is lower than P50 or just like the cost of the facial tissue paper (lol)


Rating: 4.5

Will I recommend this?

– Yeah! Women, can buy this and include in your makeup kit. Men can also use this.

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