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Dermacol Makeup Cover Review & Swatches

Dermacol Makeup Cover Review & Swatches

Dermacol Makeup Cover Review & Swatches

I was scrolling my Facebook news feed when Dermacol Video ads show up my page and I was amazed by the coverage in the video. So, I click on the link and made my purchase. After 5 minutes, I got SMS confirmation waiting for my reply if I want to proceed with my order then I replied ‘YES’ afterwards. Then after 5 days, I got the package via Cash On Delivery. Shipping is kind of long since I was in the province (BICOL).

Dermacol Make-up Cover reviews, photos, ingredients

WHAT is Dermacol Makeup Cover?

Dermacol Make-up Cover is one of the first cover-up make-up products released on the world market. According to their site, Its formula was developed in the Barrandov Film Studios in Prague for professional make-up artists and subsequently sold in Hollywood.

My Take on the Product!

I choose the shade 211 expecting that it was my shade, but when I swatch it at the back of my hand, I noticed it is very light I think 2 shades lighter for my skin complexion. So I suggest you choose 2 shades darker.

 Dermacol Makeup Cover Swatches

The consistency is thick but creamy, kind of like a mousse. I applied it using sponge blender with dabbing motion and it is very easy to blend. It immediately hides my hyperpigmentation, acne marks, pimples and brighten up my skin in an instant. Then I set it with powder a darker shade so the colour would match with my skin tone.

 Dermacol Makeup Cover Full Coverage

 Dermacol Makeup Cover Review & Swatches Before and after

It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, but I can feel that I have something on my face, knowing that it has a thick consistency, you can really tell that I have foundation on. The scent doesn’t bother to me at all because it fades after a few minutes.

I tried to wear it all day and it lasts for my oily and sweaty face maybe because it is considered as waterproof. The lasts up to 7 hours without so much blotting on the face, I tried to blot twice, the first was after 2 hours and second was after 4 hours. It does feels sticky after 4 hours of wear, but it’s tolerable.

Photo with and without Flash!

Dermacol Make-up Cover Foundation with Camera Flash

Dermacol Makeup Cover Review & Swatches without Flash

🎀 Clinically Tested, hypoallergenic.
🎀 Full Coverage. Cover all blemishes and skin problems in 1 layer
🎀 Flawless velvety finish.
🎀 Waterproof and long lasting

What I don’t like:

✖ Pricey

PLEASE NOTE: I was a little bit confused if what the authentic vs fake Dermacol makeup cover because I bought mine for a bit pricey, but I saw videos stating that the authentic one is kind of a yellow and gold color on the label while the fake is like yellow green. I don’t know which is real or fake. Please do some research before buying!

WATCH MY VIDEO BELOW: HD 720p for better viewing.

Dermacol Makeup Cover Review & Swatches


OVERALL, I like the performance of the product. If you have sensitive skin and a lot of marks to cover on your face I highly recommend this product. But don’t forget to wash and clean your face before you sleep as this is a thick and waterproof makeup foundation, it may clog pores resulting to break out. Other than that, after wearing this foundation for a couple of times I didn’t get any problem with my face, it doesn’t worsen my pimples which is a good thing.

So have you tried Dermacol Makeup Cover? Don’t forget to leave your comment down below!

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