DIY – Handmade Papaya Soap with Pure Papaya Extract

DIY – Handmade Papaya Soap with Pure Papaya Extract

Papaya fruit is one of the popular source of skin care and this video I’m gonna show you how to make a papaya soap with pure handmade papaya extract.

What You will need:

6 oz. Coconut Oil
6 oz. Palm Oil
6 oz. Olive Oil
1 oz Papaya extract
7 oz. Water
3.0 oz. Lye
1.2 ounces of fragrance
Mold (9.5″ x 5.25″)
freezer paper
3 small containers
2 medium containers
Digital Scale

Prep: First, prep your ingredients. Make sure all of your ingredients are fully weighed out. Measure by weight for soap making recipes.


1. In a ventilated area, with your gloves and googles on, carefully prepare your lye water by adding the lye to the water. Stir until the mixture turns the water clear. Use the stainless whisk to stir with.

2. Melt and Combine all of your oils together..

3. Slowly and Carefully, still with safety equipment on, add the lye mixture to the oils and stick blend 10 to 15 seconds. Move the stick blender around the entire mixture and turn it on in a short bursts.

4. Once you’ve achieved a lovely pudding trace, add in your fragrance oil, papaya extract and hand stir well.

5. Once your mixture has reach trace,
Pour soap into your mold, cover then wrap a towel around the soap to insulate it.

6. Uncover the soap in 24hours and gently lift out of the mold. Once the soap is cut, place the soap in a well ventilated area with lots of good air flow for 4-6 weeks, turning once per week to ensure all sides dry and cure evenly.

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