Ever Bilena PRO Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation Review

Ever Bilena PRO Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation Review

Ever Bilena PRO Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation Review

Got mine from Pure Gold Supermarket
Price: 180Php (30ml)

I am not a foundation girl, but I always love using one when there’s an event or special day for my love ones. And because my daughter’s graduation day for kindergarten has come I need a good makeup to be used. Let see if this works. 🙂

Highlighted About Ever Bilena PRO Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation Review:

1) A long lasting liquid foundation

2) Natural Soft Finish without flaking effects

3) Vitamin E Enriched

4) Covers dark circles, redness, and minor skin imperfections

5) Looking fresh and glowing all day


Here’s the packaging of the Ever Bilena PRO Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation

eb pro flawless finish foundation

It comes in a frosted glass pump bottle which for me is uncontrollable to dispense the amount you want. I believed they had 4 shades available for this foundation which is natural, gold, oriental and beige. I only choose natural because it’s the shade of my skin tone.

On my Face: (Photo)

Eyebrow: BYS Brow Definition Kit


LIPS: MENOW kissproof shade 019

Here’s what I say about Ever Bilena PRO Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation

1) It last 6 to 7 hours wear to me considering todays warm temperature.

2) Yes, It gives a silky soft finish and a slight dewy effect on my face, but the liquid foundation sets inside my large pores, it tends to CAKE when I sweat but it’s not that very noticeable.

3) I like that it has vitamin e, it feels very moisturizing.

4) Well, It doesn’t really cover my acne marks on my 1st to 2nd layer which is because this foundation have a very light to medium coverage. Buti nalang nacover na sya nung nag powder ako. It did cover up my blemishes.

5) Yes, I feel good wearing it all day. But after 6 hours it feels sticky on the face. So, I decided to wash it off.

Ever Bilena PRO Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation Review after 6 hours
After more than 6 hours!

Watch my Video Below:

I will give this a rating of 4.1 (5 as the high score) Overall performance. Well, if you guys are looking for a budget friendly foundation you should give this a try, especially if you have a dry skin. THAT’S ALL!
Thank you for reading guys, see you again next time! MWUAAH

Love you Loves! XOXO,

 xoxo tin blog


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