First Vita Plus Natural Health Drink Ingredients:

First Vita Plus Natural Health Drink – So Full of Life!

First Vita Plus Natural Health Drink has been my forever IMMUNE SYSTEM booster. Yeah, It’s been one and half year already when I am continuously taking this natural drink and to be honest, I’m a living testimony how this wonderful product works. I realized I haven’t posted about it yet here in this blog. So, I guess this is the right time. 😍

What is First Vita Plus Natural Health Drink?

This is not just an ordinary drink that you can buy at a retail shop, but this is a miraculous and powerful herbal food, drink enhanced with 5 powerful herbs namely: malunggay, Dahon ng sili, saluyot, array and talbos ng kamote.

These herbs are healthy and natural alternative to keep our body against free radicals. It helps the immune system stronger, so we can stay fit, healthy inside and out. I hope you get my point guys! 😍


Every day we always struggle from toxins. We always exposed ourselves from the dirty environment, unhealthy lifestyle, the food that we eat and more..

First Vita Plus Melon Health Pack 2


The powerful ingredients in First Vita Plus contain antioxidants that can help protect our body from cellular damage. First Vita Plus Health Drink is the natural way to prevent the life threatening disease which is CANCER. I fear Cancer and HOSPITALS! So in order to avoid all of that, I go with the natural way and also I’m a believer of “Prevention is better than CURE”. Also, First Vita Plus has given flavor which is a potent cancer killer fruit. If you live in another country you can order from Amazon. I have linked below:

In the last 10 years, I don’t take synthetic medicine even when I got colds and fever once or twice a year, I get well with herb and food supplement. Now, 3 sachets of First Vita Plus Health Drink daily, all my family feels great.

First Vita Plus Natural Health Drink Pack Ingredients

First Vita Plus Melon Health Pack Ingredients:

What I like about First Vita Plus drink is that it doesn’t have an age limit, all ages are allowed to drink it even the 0 year old baby, no limits and no over dosage unlike synthetic one. The secret is the power dose, it means when you are sick, drink 9 sachets in 1 day or up to 20. The more, the better! 😍 I did this trick several times when I got a fever and cold. I do the same when my daughter got sick and it was 100% safe and effective.

Vita plus Melon Benefits

It’s a delicious treat to meet the daily dose of vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients, antioxidants and a strong immune system. One sachet is what you need to get that energy boost all day. Also, you have protection from stress, a maintenance of wellness, disease prevention and cure. I know some friends who can testify to the amazing cure of this unique product. Me too, I’ve proven it many times.

First Vita Plus Melon Health Pack Benefits


Eating healthy is the best method to prevent all illness, it’s easy to go to the supermarket and buy all the fruits and vegetables for your wellness but let us be honest here. It’s not easy to do and we cannot afford to eat fruit daily like a routine for its very hard. It takes time, effort and consistency. I myself can’t do it right most of the time, so I believe proper supplementation is beneficial. That is why, I’m thankful there is First Vita Plus Health Drink, whenever I cannot provide myself with fruit and vegetable by adding First Vita Plus drink on my diet I can still able to prevent illness and serious complication by simply having a strong immune system.

Where to Buy First Vita Plus Natural Health Drink in the Philippines?

You can shop online here!

First Vita Plus Drink has been always my morning habit, from First Vita Plus Coffee to Juice drink. This is the best nutritious Juice Drink to good health.

Do you experience health problem? I recommend First Vita Plus Health Drink. It’s better to try than doing nothing! 😍 Health is not expensive, but the hospital bills are! Hehe

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