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GlutaShape Slimming Coffee Review

GlutaShape Slimming Coffee Review

The last couple of months I’ve tried to change my lifestyle little by little. Since then I started seeing good results. I survive the last 2 months and losing a lot of pounds. Now for 2 weeks, I’ve been doing a ketogenic diet. Became aware of what I eat, drink and make sure all of them are in Low Carbs. But since I’m a coffee lover, it’s hard to say goodbye with a coffee a day. So what I did instead of quitting, I switch to an herbal coffee. I found the GlutaShape Slimming Coffee as a good alternative.

What is GlutaShape Slimming Coffee?

Gluta Shape Slimming Coffee with Glutathione is a product of Rossy Me. It claims to make you sexy and fit, and also keep your skin looking young and flawlessly whiter in just 2-3 weeks.

Ingredients benefits from:

Glutathione: known as the master antioxidant for a healthy immune system. Of course, Glutathione spill over the body will make the skin lighter over time

Garcinia Cambogia: known for slimming, fat blocker, boost metabolism and appetite suppressant.

Agaricus Mushroom: Known for anti-tumor effects; reduce the risk of diabetes and supports healthy bones.

Ganoderma: Known for cancer prevention, liver protection, urinary tract support and antioxidant.

Moringa: known as the miracle supplement. It reduces fatigue and stress, boost the immune system and good for digestion.
Stevia is a natural sweetener with no calories and great with people with diabetes.

GlutaShape Slimming Coffee Review


Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are taking medications, please consult your doctor before taking the product.

Before we move to my experience with the product. Please Note: I found out that this product is not FDA approved. You can check here! Maybe all the ingredients listed are naturals, but we don’t really sure 100% because the product has not gone through evaluation and testing process of the FDA so take this post for informational purposes only.

My Experience:

I don’t drink this every day because as I lessen my intake with coffee. I just drink it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Since coffee is a stimulant, it gives me the energy to kick-start my workout. The taste is maybe good for others, but for me, it tastes good with a spoon of milk. Also, it helps me feel a full stomach feeling. So I can survive dinner time without rice. If you want to know what food I eat during dinner, it’s a small serving of pinakbet no rice. Sometimes 3 boiled egg + 1 yolk. Then at midnight when I feel hungry, I just drink Herbalife shake. It’s not the coffee alone why I continue losing weight, it all depends on what we eat. In my case, the Ketogenic diet and Exercise is the best of all. Glutashape Slimming Coffee is just there to help facilitate weight loss and control cravings. Will I repurchase? Well, Nope. Maybe when they register the product with FDA then yes. hehe

So that’s it for this review today! Hopefully, I’ll see you again soon. Mwuah

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