Hair Transformation Blonde to Green Hair – Do-it yourself

Hair Transformation Blonde to Green Hair – Do-it yourself

Hair Transformation Blonde to Green Hair – Do-it yourself

In this video, I will show you how I transform my hair from blonde to green hair.
-The first thing I did is to bleach my hair.

Hair Color Transformation

⚠DIY Hair Bleaching Caution:

🔸Consider performing a strand test (behind your ear is a good spot) To check if you’re allergic.
🔸Do not shampoo at least 24 hours before bleaching hair.
🔸Coat your hair with virgin coconut oil at least 2 hours before bleaching to avoid damaging hair (no need to rinse it off)
🔸Don’t leave the bleach on hair for more than an hour or you’re going to end up with fried hair and burned scalp, believe me.
🔸Rinse hair thoroughly with shampoo, then deep conditioner/ keratin treatment.
🔸If you are not satisfied with the colour (it will turn out orange/brassy after the first bleaching session) Wait for at least 2 weeks before bleaching your hair again.
🔸Give your hair some much needed TLC


Prep of the following hair colouring bleach:

For my hair length I have used 3 sachets of Epsa Colouring Bleach (Green) And 3 PCs oxidising solution.

Epsa Color Bleaching Hair
Now start to combine with bleach and oxidising solution and then stir to blend. Do not use metallic bowl, preferably plastic bowl.
Put on plastic gloves, then apply it all over your hair using a comb with a brush. Make sure to cover all hair to get a good result.
Leave it for 1 hour, then rinse.

Viola! You have now green hair! Please watch the video to see it in ACTION:

Thank you! Watch at YouTube for more!

Love you Loves! XOXO,

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