– product used:
Green peeling Oil by Derma Obsession
Hydrocort Cream
Extra Whitening Soap – Glutathione Soap

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Some people say that this product caused their problem worst though, but actually it has been often that the procedure was not followed properly, which caused more problem like redness of the skin, but sometime redness is just normal while the skin is in the process of peeling. And it’s also important that you stick with proper techniques. For me, since I got the very oily skin I started peeling after 3 days, then 2 weeks my skin will now already cleared while others who have that really dry skin you need to moisturize your skin frequently to facilitate faster peeling because if you don’t moisturize you will peel for the longer time.

Green Peeling Oil is very Mild. I highly Recommend it to all having sensitive skin, It peels so thin as you can find out in the video and not really itchy like the advanced derma peel, but the difference of the two peeling products is that green peeling oil can only lighten dull skin while advanced derma peel will give you that immediate result of skin whitening. I so love this 2 products though, but I don’t recommend the advanced Derma peel to all having sensitive skin because it may chafe your skin in the process.

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