How To Treat Damage Hair ( Coloured Hair, Dry Hair, Frizzy Hair)

If you are looking for a great treatment for damage hair, try this hair care regimen, this actually works for me. My hair before was damaged by hair bleach products because I always bleach my hair before, but when I decided to go back to my normal hair color. In order to get my beautiful hair back, this treatment was the best solution to my problem.

My friend always noticed how my hair becomes like I get rebonded on the salon but the truth is I always treat my hair with all natural Ingredients. Honey, coconut milk, argan oil and grated Carrots juice are the best remedies to cure dry and frizzy hair.


** DISCLAIMER ** all the products I used inside here in this video were purchased with my OWN MONEY. BEFORE you INGEST something, please ensure sure your bill of health is clean and you are out any sort of medication as some multi vitamins can interact with medications. And as always, I encourage you to do your research about what helpful for YOUR body, as everyone’s body is different!

Derma Obsession 100 % Argan Oil –

The Urban Hive 100 % Pure Honey – Its really taste yummy! I love this product.

100 % Pure Rosehip Oil by Essential Oils PH.


So what do you think? Share me with your Hair Care regimen too. 🙂 Goodluck! See you nexttime!

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