How To Wax Unwanted Hair – Armpits, Face and Body

How To Wax Unwanted Hair – Armpits, Face and Body

I started thinking about this hair waxing when I lost my tweezers, so when I drop by at my nearest convenient store here in my place, I saw this Epilin Hairless Beauty For Face and Body. Its a Wax Hair Remover with melting pan and spatula. The labels convince myself to buy it and it cost P149.95 (100g).

What EPILIN says:
It claims to remove unwanted hair on face and body (lip, chin, arms, armpits and bikini line). Appealing is also 100% natural. No chemicals that can dissolve hair and attack your skin. Repeated use of Epilin will weaken roots, hair will grow thinner and may eventually disappear. Economical, easy to use and low cost.

My Thoughts About Epilin Hairless Beauty For Face and Body:

YES. It’s easily removed unwanted hair, 90% of the hair will totally gone when you do it properly. I tried it myself, but since I am a newbie of this product. It’s really time consuming because I end up with messy hands, but because of more practice and doing it repeatedly I got it with ease. I can now wax my armpits smoothly and I proudly say I really love this product.

How I use it?

Here’s the steps:
• Begin with Skin Preparation:
Wash area first with mild soap and water, or astringent. This makes no oil on the treated area you want to wax. Hair should be atleast 3-4 mm long.
• Melt wax on low heat.
• Let it cool for few minutes until consistency similar to honey – not too hot.
• Apply amount of the product to the underarm hair using spatula, when it doesn’t stick when touch. Then lift the lowest end of the wax strip – against hair growth pull it off the skin in one quick motion. Repeat as Required.
• Wash Treated area with warm water. Slight redness is normal after waxing.

Don’t use on sensitive skin, broken or irritated skin.

Contents: Natural Tree resin, natural beeswax, vegetable oil.

Overall experience, this product makes my armpits hairless. This is really recommended hair remover product for homes. When you master it, you will save a lot of time than doing your ordinary tweezers hair remover thing.

I hope you find this post helpful. If you have comments or what you think about the product you can share it with me on the comment down below!


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