It’s My Silver Year ( 25 years of Existence)


This is truly an outstanding day of my life. It’s my Silver Year and I am actually so blessed due to the fact that God is so excellent continuously. I’m really so fortunate to have incredible family, I have Ignition Marketing Team that showed me to become confident as well as how to develop my own business. 2014 was an outstanding Journey! I am truly so blessed and the feeling is really overwhelming. I enjoy every moment of my life and this will not come true if not because of you Guys! I love you all.

Today, I will certainly speak to my heart! I bear in mind Last Year 2013 my MOm is pressing me to complete my Studies as well as She guaranteed to support it but I refused her sometimes as well as my MOM was unfortunate because I rejected her about it. I informed her that Mom my enthusiasm is not TEACHING! Yes, I’m an undergrad Elementary Education 3rd year College Student. I simply only have one year delegated complete COllege however I didn’t pursue and also Continue Education due to the fact that I understand that even if I complete College I will not teach when I grad. Why I am informing you all this? I realize that Teaching is not my Passion however of course I like to teach yet not to Kids in School, I enjoy to teach those that need Freedom in their LIFE without living on their home with no inconvenience timetable just 2 to 3 hours but you could make endless MOney. I Love to show everyone ways to start in their on the internet business from scratch! I like to teach every person which intend to make their very own blog and website from the ground up, indeed simply ask me and I will guide you trough the process. Madali lang naman sabayan mo lang ng gawa!

Fantasizing Big is actually no-cost and priceless. One point that I don’t entertain in my life is those negative ideas! Simply live your life with all positive points also if the hard times in your life, also if the scenario is the other way around don’t be inhibit and consistently be optimistic.

Permit me share you this quote, I forgot where I get this however I currently internalize this line.” Lahat ng Tao may Pangarap, Ang Taong walang Pangarap pwede ng Mamatay”

So  what stopping you from dreaming huge? You recognize exactly what It’s okay to dream that you wish to own a Ferrari even if you work as Janitor, Who recognizes? Among now, God will certainly give you an one-of-a-kind ability to make an impressive product to be the source of your limitless money in the world. Sometimes God provide us concealed ability that only you can able to unleashed as well as find. Locate It! Similar to Brother Bo claimed “Find your money-making Machine” You recognize men, there are a lot of ways to do it. I’m so thankful considering that just before I welcome a brand-new chapter of my life, I already find my Money Making Machine! I’m a stock holder of some firm here in the Philippines. I have Paper Asset, I spend right into the stock exchange due to the help of my “Truly Rich Club Family“, I also have various other Money Making Machine which is the “Ignition Marketing” and my expanding Beauty and also SkinCare Business. I could do it all without leaving my house, no stress and of course no hassle! I can do it whatever time I desire.

I wish, I motivate you a little. It’s my SILVER YEAR so I desired today God will certainly bless you, Good health and wellness to you and also your FAMILY! Dream Big, Learn how to make your dreams become reality and Take Action!

Good Luck! 🙂

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