January 2016 Collective Haul – Department & Drug Store Products

January 2016 Collective Haul – Department & Drug Store Products

January 2016 Collective Haul – Department & Drug Store Products

I have been in love with a collective haul, yes, and I know, aside from saving I make sure it won’t affect my budget. Last Year, I have been saving a lot. I have a separate bank account for savings and also a bank account for daily business transactions. And now before January ends I start the Year with these collective stuffs that I bought from Department and Drug Store Products and some Items that I bought online from Lazada and an Intagram Seller.

Here are the items I collect and I can’t wait to try them all. Some stuffs are first time and others are repurchase.

I bought first a pair of sandals from SANDUGO, and I choose violet, though it’s available from PINK, ORANGE and GREEN. I also bought 2 T shirts for 30% off when I bought the sandals. I like Sandugo because its great for adventure and a trail-tested slippers. If you are looking to buy it online I recommend Lazada Online Shopping.

Some Underwear from Pink Apple.


I also have some blouses from Angena Department Store. It’s a sleeveless blouse and a lose t-shirt.

These goodies also came from department store.

Then some skin care goodies from Mercury Drugs that are first time and repurchase. The maxi-peel sunblock cream, maxi peel excellent solution and maxi-peel facial cleanser. I also bought San San Liquid Makeup base which I have been eyeing for a long time, and a repurchase of the Kojie San Kojic Acid Soap.

The Sophie Makeup Products that I ordered from a dealer, and she’s a friend of mine. I’m completing all the shades of the Sophie Matte Liquid Lipstick but I’m so disappointed I only have one shade of the four shades that Sophie have. All three of them that are not readily available, and she only gives me 3 products that I remember I ordered 8 items from Sophie but the three of them are also not available. My Gosh! I just have one shade of the lipstick, eyeliner and the 2 in 1 facial brush.

The Easy Slim Detox Plum that I got 2 boxes, I hope it will work because I have ordered a lot of weight loss products that were all waste of money!

The Prices of the products are the following:

Sandugo Sandals P595 http://bit.ly/1WFS42U
Pink Apple Bra P159 each
Soap Kojic P60
Soap Black and White P60
PonyTail P18
Small Note Book P16
Planner Book P30
Makeup Brush P15
Body Scrubber Glove P 10
Record Notebook P24
Blouses From V3 Black P210 Violet P110
Kojie San Kojic Acid Soap P72
Sophie 2in1 Facial Brush
Sophie Eyeliner Dark Brown
Sophie Matte Lip Color
Easy Slim Detox Plum From Lazada
Royal Beauty Kojic Papaya Soap
Maxi Peel Sunblock Cream P45.25
Maxi Peel Expolian Solution P45
Maxi Peel Facial Cleanser P43
San San Cosmetics Liquid Base Makeup with Vitamin A, C, and E P110
Spectrum Cosmetic Contact Lens Grade: 4.50 Ebony Black C and Blend Green – Instagram: @ranmaseyershop

Sponsored: Spa Plus CC Cream & Spa Plus Facial Bleaching Cream

Overall, All the stuffs are budget friendly and will not harm your wallet and my wallet as well. I hope you guys enjoy this post as much as I’m doing it. I also got some goodies from Clean and Clear and Vita Pack and I really can’t wait to post my next unboxing video for it.

That’s it, Loves!

Take Care!

Good Luck :*

Love you Loves! XOXO,

 xoxo tin blog


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