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Kilo Off Powder Drink – Weight Loss Product Review

Kilo Off Powder Drink – Weight Loss Product Review Posted on October 17, 2016Leave a comment

Hello, loves! My name is Tin. I love writing reviews on health, beauty products, makeup, and skincare. I also have YouTube Channel to feature hauls, makeup videos for beginners and all kinds of stuff. inquiries/business: tina_roman[@]

First off, I consider to give up on losing weight because I have tried several brands and nothing has worked for me until kilo off open another opportunity to me to get back on track again with the help of their product. So, I accepted the offer and once again I get motivated. I hope, motivation will take forever! Omg



6 years ago..
year 2016…

It was like I dreamed of getting back on the time I was 18 to 21 years old, I was 49Kg that time and now before I started Kilo Off dietary supplement drink I weighed 67.9 kg.

The proof was taken here:


Before I started, I make sure I know my exact weight. So that when I finish Kilo Off product I know if there’s changes or nothing.

KILO OFF Dietary Supplement Drink REVIEW:

Whait is KILO OFF?

KILO OFF Dietary Supplement Drink is made with plant extract, I got the flavour black-currant. This liquid drink claims to inhibit the accumulation of fat and assist in the drainage of excess water and toxins. The recommended usage is 50 ml per day and that is the equal measure of the cap of the bottle within 1 cm from the edge. It can be drunk pure or mixed with water. I prefer to mixed it with water so I can’t taste it. I like to drink it less sweet though it tastes good I still don’t like fruity drink. Still, I continue to finish the 8 day detox and so far I like the result.


KILO OFF Dietary Supplement Drink Ingredients:

KILO OFF Dietary Supplement Drink

To tell you more about my daily activity when I started the KILO OFF 8 day slimming drink, I never work out and I never had a diet. I just sit and work In front of my computer, drink coffee every morning and eat 2 times a day, lunch and dinner then going sleep at 12am. That is my normal daily activity! I drink Kilo Off liquid drink before lunch time, and I noticed it helps control my cravings as if I didn’t feel hungry, so I ate not very much but just a small portion of rice, no second round! 🙂

Great! Then the 8 days had passed and I’m so excited to step in my personal weighing scale, to my surprise I am now 67kg!


That’s Good news guys. I lost almost 1kg and I’m so happy, you know why? I never expected that it’s possible because I don’t have regular physical activity, but what if I have? Maybe I will lose more kg right? If I take it with a diet and exercise. Hmm.


Okay, so I was done with the liquid drink and now I’m going to try Kilo Off Powder Drink with a simple diet and exercise, let’s say I will do it on alternate schedule, I have to adjust on my sleeping time so I can work out in the morning and that’s the plan. So be it.. 🙂


KILO OFF is a nutritional supplement made with plant extracts and vitamins that is designed to help burn fat, aid in body detoxification, support the maintenance of a flat stomach, and assist to reduce cravings.

Direction for use: ( photo will be posted soon)

Ingredients: (photo will be posted soon)

Packaging: (photo will be posted soon)


1 TO 10 DAYS KILO OFF POWDER DRINK CHALLENGE: I consider taking this a challenge since this powder drink works best with balance diet and active lifestyle, so I have decided to properly watch on my diet and have regular exercise.

How I used Kilo Off Powder Drink?

I followed the instruction to mix it with water, hmm it tastes like citrus fruit which is not an issue to me because I love the taste of this one than the black-currant flavour of Kilo Off liquid drink. Just a sachet and a glass of water and I drank it every 11am. Then I eat a very small meal at lunchtime.


After that I rest and did some mobile browsing. I usually take a bath at 2pm then after I proceed with my workstation and then I take a quick rest. 3pm or 4pm, this time I work out with my Zumba DVD. It’s a 45 minute cardio Zumba workout, I finished it without cheating and that’s how I sweat a lot. I did it for 18 day routine, I admit I cheat on holidays because we mostly dine at several restaurants and I can’t control myself to eat more than the amount of calories needed.

Sometimes, when it’s kind of busy at work I can’t go on my Zumba routine, but not always because I make sure I have 30 to 45 minutes to do it on alternate day or every other day. So, all in all I have done 5 days of my Zumba routine while I’m on my Kilo Off powder drink weight loss challenge.

Thanks to the Kilo Off Team, because of your products, I have decided to continue my journey on getting fit. I claimed for myself that for me to succeed is first to love exercise, dancing and running. I have to do it and it’s part of my life now!


Day 18, I am now! 63.5kg. I lost more than 3 kg for 18 days and that’s a great achievement for me, one thing I like more is that I get obsessed to make my dream come true, a beach body transformation! 😀

How about you Loves? Have you thought of your wellness? Have you tried Kilo Off Weight Loss Products? You can comment it down below, I love to hear from you!

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Wish you LUCK!

Hello, loves! My name is Tin. I love writing reviews on health, beauty products, makeup, and skincare. I also have YouTube Channel to feature hauls, makeup videos for beginners and all kinds of stuff. inquiries/business: tina_roman[@]