Laverne Makeup and Beauty Tools Sanitizer – It’s The New Habit

Laverne Makeup and Beauty Tools Sanitizer - It's The New Habit

Our makeup can be our best tools to achieve the look we desire. It can transform us to the best beauty version of ourselves…

But, you know guys,
Not all cosmetics are really good for our skin, in fact, that’s one of the reasons why we exposed ourselves to germs and bacteria.. It can even pose serious health risks like eye and skin infections.

Common ways why we are getting those germs and bacteria to our personal cosmetics are the following:

1. Applying our makeup with an unclean hand
2. Double dipping of our brushes
3. Applying makeup and lipstick while we are sick.
4. Uncontrollable sneezing and coughing while applying makeup
5. Dirty makeup tools and applicator
6. Sharing your makeup with closest friends
7. Retouching makeup while skin is already exposed to bacteria
And more!

Watch my Tutorial Video:

So todays I’m really excited to share with you a simple tips how I take care of my skin, makeup and beauty tools at home to prevent infections and acne to happen.

I have here the Laverne Makeup and Beauty Tools Sanitizer, Thanks Laverne for giving me a chance to try this product. This makeup sanitizer comes with 150ml full size and 60ml bottle. I was really impressed how this product invented because in 1 to 2 sprays is enough to kill bacteria on my makeup. Amazing, right?

How I Use Laverne Makeup and Beauty Tools Sanitizer?

I just spray 1 or 2 at 15cm distance to my makeup collections like powder, palettes, brushes and that’s it.

I also use it to clean my lipstick, mascara and lip gloss. I just get a piece of cotton pads, then swipe clean.

99.9% Effective in cleaning germs and bacteria, making your makeup fresh and ready for next use. What I love about this product is that it has some beauty tricks usage.

I tried it to restore my cracked face powder, and it works dramatically!

Few Helpful Tips How to Use Laverne Makeup and Beauty Tools Sanitizer:

  • Always have 1 full spray with your makeup tools to keep it ready for the next use. Use this regularly to extend the lifespan of your makeup.
  • You can also use the product to sanitize your hand. Wahh! I did it myself occasionally, especially when I’m at the mall and need to go to the comfort room.
  • Then a full spray to your makeup brushes made sure its sanitized for the next use.
  • And for the mascara and lipstick, just make a 1 full spray with your clean toilet napkin or cotton pad then swipe clean.

Well, I’m really amazed how this product works. I think its genius! 🙂 I never knew such product can kill germs like in just 60 seconds. You know guys, I’m a believer of Preventions is better than cure, so I think to put my money into this product is really worth it! I’m pretty sure, I will spend my money to get one if ever I empty all the bottles. I love it and you guys should get this amazing product too.

Let’s do this!

Let’s enjoy a clean and healthier skin with Laverne It’s The New Habit of sanitizing beauty tools and cosmetics! Get some updates at their


Instagram: Laverne_ph

or may contact them thru viber: 0998-5719861

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