Lily’s Touch Miracle Cream Review


WHAT: Lily’s Touch Miracle Cream Review
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Last month, I just finished the Dr. Alvin Rejuvenating Set Treatment for my pimples and acne marks. Well, the effect was good and I’m quite impressed with the result because my pimples and marks got lightened, yet the marks were still there so that’s not enough. So I decided to look for a replacement product to use and after some googling some reviews of Lily’s Touch Miracle Cream, I decided to purchase one.

Let’s go to the packaging of the product.


Lily’s Touch Miracle Cream comes with a 50 ML clear rounded jar, some orange label around it contains all the information about the product. It has an orange plastic screw cap with the name of the product and its claim.

The Claim “ Rich with whitening and anti-aging ingredients, this hypoallergenic cream will make your skin lighter, smoother and brighter in 7 days. Apply twice daily.”

The Consistency of the cream is a bit powdery, in fact, you can go just the cream and other makeup you used, no need to set it with powder on top of it.


Before I started to try the product, I make sure I have my before photo. And here it is guys, this was taken September 2, 2016. The day, which I started.



Daytime: I didn’t apply it because I didn’t wash my face when I woke up unless I am going to somewhere that I needed to freshen up. But during lunch time after I take a bath, after washing my face with my favorite cleanser,that’s the time I apply some cream on my face. I put it after I cleanse with toner on my face, and yeah I put it always under my light makeup, sometimes no makeup at all but a bit touch of the powder to make it look natural and not greasy. Nope, the cream does not have oily application, but my skin tends to get oily after a couple of hours. That’s literally my skin – Oily!



  • I like the instant whitening while blending the cream all over my face and neck, If you have no pimple marks and spots or any major skin problems to cover applying the cream will work as your base makeup. No foundation or BB cream this will actually work, but hell no- not mine but I wish though. Lol
  • I like the price, P350.00 for a 50g is wise, good enough to experience the miracle in a jar. Instant whitening effect and yeah, it lightened my face. I think the product last for 2 to 3 months used because until now its been 2 months already and my jar is still quite full. Aha! Very savvy whitening cream!
  • The scent, I love it. I really like the smell, the scent is so yummy! Sweet and not so overpowering.
  • It lightens skin in 7 days, BIG YES!


  • It does not cover all the marks that I have on my face.


  • It does not fade away acne scars, and other spots on my face. Long-term usage needed.

I love what it makes my skin softer and brighter. It lightens my face, but it takes longer to see improvements on my acne scars and other dark spot. I think long term usage is needed if you have the major skin problem, but overall this cream is enough to give you the instant whitening effect that you’re looking for It’s perfect for those who didn’t like heavy makeup, you can use it as a good replacement for your liquid foundation and BB cream then you’re good-to go!

Have you tried Lily’s Touch Miracle Cream? What do you think about it? Don’t get hesitate to leave in the comment box below!

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