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Product: LOL Matte Lipstick Review | First Impression (Bordeaux)

Lately, I can’t stop shopping, makeup online and offline. It’s like I’m becoming obsessed with it. Testing different brands locally and internationally. Hence, I have decided I would review all that Items I tried already. Everything that I love for makeup to skin care. And that includes Lol Matte Lipstick.


Display your killer smile with one of lol Cosmetic’s top-of-the-line lipstick hues.

Each tube features vibrant pigments that make any lip’s shape pop out. Made with high quality ingredients, each color is long wearing, making them perfect for daily wear.

Face your day with plump and red carpet ready lips using lol Cosmetics lipstick. Source


The packaging is simple, minimal design and sleek. It comes in a tough plastic box. The price is P179. It’s affordable for the size design of the lipstick.

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LOL Matte Lipstick Review_Swatches

You can tell that they both deliver a good pigment. I can feel that the Bordeaux shade has a good formula while the lighter one is different. I felt it when the lipstick swiping on my skin.

LOL Matte Lipstick Review_Lip Swatches

What I Love:

The lipstick glides on lips Smoothly
Very smooth and pigmented
Velvety Matte
Long Lasting up to 8 hours wear without eating oily food

I don’t LIKE:

The shade pretty young thing is the total opposite of what I love. It doesn’t blend smoothly on the lips whenever I attempted to exfoliate. Some of it crumbles and has patches which looks odd. I like the colour payoff, though, but it’s not natural looking.

Wear test: 6 TO 8 Hours

LOL Matte Lipstick Review_Lip Swatches Wear Test

Overall, I enjoyed trying this product. The bolder shade has a very good formula. Easy to wear and suits for any skin tone. Plus, it’s so very affordable and worth trying.

That’s it for today’s blog.

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