Meat Magic - Your Healthy, Delicious Meat Alternative 3

Meat Magic – Your Healthy, Delicious Meat Alternative 🍗

Meat Magic – Your Healthy, Delicious Meat Alternative!

Do you struggle controlling your appetite with meat because you are overweight? We love eating meat, but sometimes we overeat to the limit so whenever we want to lose weight it never happen. We can’t deny that we need meat for our meal only if on the right portion.. And meat are not 100% healthy and easy to digest.

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What if I have vegetable, meat alternative to share with you guys? Yes. VEGETABLE MEAT. If you are planning to become Vegan you will surely love this. My friend recommends this with me because she knows my situation. That our meal is always meat food like Adobo, Fried Chicken, Afritada, Barbecue and more. So I’m so thankful that she brought me 1kg of the Meat Magic to try!

So What is Meat Magic?

Meat Magic is a healthy, delicious meat alternative made of soy beans a vegetable protein product. It has sufficient amount of soy protein packed with amino acids.

What I like about Meat Magic is that it is zero fat and cholesterol and a very good source of dietary Fiber, Calcium, Potassium and other minerals. This alternative meat food is considered as functional food because it contains phytochemicals called isoflavones that help in lowering Cholesterol and prevents all kinds of illness. Also, meat magic is good for the heart and a good immune system booster.

Meat Magic - Your Healthy, Delicious Meat Alternative 2

How I prepare/Cook Meat Magic?

To prepare meat magic we have to marinate it because it is in dry form. Marinate Meat Magic like how you do with a real meat just like Adobo and fried chicken, then cook it like you would with the same recipe, adding seasoning and spices. My favorite recipe for this is same with fried chicken.

It’s a versatile food so it can cook with any kind recipes. So if you are a full vegetarian you can cook it on any kind of recipes like burger patties, grilled meat and other healthy dish you wanted.

Meat Magic

Meat MagicMeat Magic Vegan Adobo

I will share with you some updates after a couple of weeks if I can see improvement with my weight. Let see if I’m going to lose weight with this product. My weight is still 65Kg as the 28th of July.

See you soon!

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