My BPI e Prepaid MasterCard Review

My BPI e Prepaid MasterCard Review

It’s been a couple of months now since I got this My eprepaid MasterCard. But I hadn’t reviewed it so far! Today let me share you how it really helpful to have this Prepaid Card Onhand.

As a full-time Netrepreneur, Aside from credit card and debit card, my eprepaid Mastercard was really an angel to all my online transactions.

I’m afraid to apply with credit card so I switch to this. Less hassle and because of my concern regarding financial things. I wouldn’t allow myself to get one credit card for life so instead I collect debit cards and prepaid card and ofcourse among all my prepaid card I applied online, my BPI eprepaid card is my favorite.

My BPI e-prepaid Master card is my best friend to all my online transactions. It functions as a credit card in online or any establishment that accept MasterCard as a form of payment. In order to use the card you need to fund it up before you can make any transaction.
My prepaid card can fund in any branch by depositing cash, trough ATM machine and online banking. My option here is to fund through online by reloading it with the balance on my BPI SAVINGS ACCOUNT.

How To Apply for My e-prepaid MasterCard?

1. If you want to apply online, Click Here!
2. Sign Up on their Facebook Page

My BPI e Prepaid MasterCard Review
My BPI e Prepaid MasterCard Review

The application is really quick and not unlike the EON CARD they are really strict when it adds up to approving clients to avail their Card. My BPI e-prepaid Master Card is very easy to Apply and anyone is welcome to apply as long as you have valid id in the Philippines. The amount is P500 that has been in effect for 2 years.

HOW TO USE BPI prepaid Master Card.

You can use it worldwide, Online and wherever MasterCard is accepted

This is how I use it:

1. To pay with my Online Shopping Where Master Card is accepted.

2. I use this to Pay with Ads on Facebook, Google Adwords, Etc.

3. I already Try to Use this to Verify My Paypal Account.

4. I use My Bpi prepaid Mastercard to Pay with My Go Daddy Hosting, Arvixe Hosting.

5. I use My Bpi e prepaid Master Card to Fund my Skrill Card.
When you use this, make sure that you input the correct details:

You will be asked with following card details every time you choose Mastercard as a Payment Method:

You will only need to input the following details:
1. 16 digit card number
2. CVC2/ Card Verification Code (3 last digit number on the back of the card)
3. Card Expiration Date
4. Review your payment details and confirm the transaction

Make sure you buy at the right amount loaded on your card or else the transaction will be decline.

All of my Credit Card Transactions are managed with this Cute Pink My BPI e-prepaid Master Card Without worries!

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  1. Helpful article 🙂 plan to avail to BPI eprepaid card .I have a question can this card have remittance purpose and how to withdraw money thru atm(bpi) only ?Thank you

    1. Hi, I’m not sure if it can be use thru remittance.. and no, it is not allowed to use on ATM to withdraw money but you can use it for payment online like shopping and other CC transaction.