Naked Palette Urban Decay Review FAKE VS REAL

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I know more of you aware of the Fake Naked Palette being sold in the market. If you love makeup I know you are cognizant of this. But for a newbie like me who don’t know how to flirt with the makeup colors I didn’t know such thing.

I do love makeup too, and I do buy a great deal of it, but I didn’t buy fake products when it needs to put on the skin. I love my skin and I really hate some fake goodys that have damaging effects on the skin until I found this Naked Palette I purchased at the Mall. (MARKET! MARKET!)

It’s very cheap, It only cost 550php. I have seen this palette for the first time when a makeup YouTuber uses it from her tutorial so when I remember her I bought this without second thought. I was so extremely happy as I remember her and finally I captured a new eyeshadow set. Hence, I purchase it without knowing it was the fake one. And when I went home, I Search Naked Palette on youtube and to my dismay, I found out there is a fake naked palette so then I check mine and then BOOM! It’s FAKE. I would never imagine that.

Take an expression in this fake naked palette photo I got from the seller at the mall. To make certain you are buying the Authentic naked Palette. You should know these things first:

Photo here:
Naked Palette Urban Decay Review FAKE VS REALFake Naked Palette

Fake Palette
Naked Palette Urban Decay Review FAKE VS REAL


-The colors are not vibrant, they aren’t pigmented.
-The packaging is very cheap compared to the authentic
-Many of the colors contain too much sparkle
-The Naked Logo was not the same as the authentic one

Photo not Mine: Take from this site
Photo not Mine: Taken from this site

– The colors came off easily
-No eye primer and no box

Naked Pallette 1

Naked Palette 2

-The colors are vibrant and pigmented are beautiful
-The Packaging is quietly sophisticated looking and compact.

See photos from sephora and compare to the fake naked palette above

Screen Shot 12-22-14 at 04.10 PM

Screen Shot 12-22-14 at 04.11 PM 001Screen Shot 12-22-14 at 04.11 PM

Screen Shot 12-22-14 at 04.12 PM


Make a pile of research first so you will know the difference from the fake and the authentic naked palette.

I sometimes use cheap make up products, but I certainly make sure that I wash it off before sleep.

FAKE PRODUCTS: We don’t truly know if they make use of skin safe ingredients. Although, the price is really cheap but you don’t know if they have damaging effects on the skin.

Did you experience this fake naked palette goody?

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