Oxifit Garcinia Cambogia Review


Oxifit Garcinia Cambogia Review


If you are looking for something to lose weight. You’re not alone. Me too, been this scenario previously, trying to lose some weight to get fit with those favorite dresses that you now cannot wear because of those fats around your waist. That’s too stressing!

I was not this really huge before, I just weight 49Kg 3 years earlier. After giving birth to my daughter, I ended up being 75Kg. OMG! I can’t picture myself taking a look at the mirror and all my favorite dresses and denims didn’t fit me. That’s so discouraging. So, I came to the point of trying to return the old petite body I had. And this journey includes some supplement I attempted previously. Let me share you my review of that product that help me lose weight.

The product is Oxifit. It cost P1200 per bottle of 60’s/ tablet. Way back 2011, I purchased 2 bottles of oxifit from Lazada, taken it two times a day with a regular workout. I also went to the gym that time every weekend. Oxifit was my best ally when it concerns my appetite, but that time the tablet was colored dark green. Sorry people, I was just telling you the story before and I can’t reveal you the photo since that minute I was not yet blogging so I cannot document it. So, Why I need to tell you this?

Well, everything has changed. Even the oxifit garcinia Cambogia has changed. It’s not working for me anymore! I’m talking with the latest oxifit this year 2015.

oxifit garcinia cambogia review 101

Oxifit Garcinia Cambogia, the one with the dark green tablet was very effective than this latest tablet I have. I purchased this last month November 4, 2015. I continue Taking this tablet though I saw the color of the tablet was currently changed. The current oxifit tablet I have here is color yellow, the old tablet I tried 2 years back was dark green. I don’t know why the color was changed and maybe it’s just the color and not the formulation of the product, though its still the same packaging, however since I’m still taking the product for 3 weeks, there’s no changes to my body. I do not even feel that I reduce my appetite since I do still eat a lot though taking this tablet I’m anticipating of feeling full however nothing has altered and I still crave for more!

Now, let’s take a look at their claims.

Oxifit Garcinia Cambogia says:
Lose Excess Weight & Fat

Tin’s saysI didn’t lose any weight, but I still earn a few pounds while taking the product for 3 weeks. I’m really disappointed!” 🙁

Oxifit Garcinia Cambogia says:
Suppress Appetite and Increase Metabolism

Tin’s says ” I still eat and eat, and nothing changed with my appetite. Not feeling full after drinking 2 glasses of water with the tablet. Then after 2 to 3 hours my stomach became upset. Naghihilab yung stomach ko then after that feeling ko sobrang gutom na gutom ako that’s why I eat more, nakaka dalawang plato pa ako nyan. Then after kumain antok much ang Lola mo ang lagay ( Tulog sa Pansitan). So where is the Energy Going? Sorry, but my metabolism didn’t go up.

Oxifit Garcinia Cambogia says:
Improved Mood and Memory, Healthy Cholesterol

Tin’s says ” Seriousely? I’m really not sure kasi lagi naman ako good mood. And yes, my memory is okay naman but I’m not sure with the healthy cholesterol kasi I’m sure ang daming fats sa loob ng katawan ko. Favorite ko kasi ang taba ng pork. Lalo kapag ADOBO ang ulam. Yummy!

Oxifit Garcinia Cambogia says:
Aids Digestion

Tin’s says ” Soorry guys, but this is always my problem so I’m expecting na I will have regular bowel movement na after taking this product because I’m a very constipated person. I only poop 3 days or 2 days after unless I will have taken laxative before bedtime that way I can poop in the morning. So taking this Oxifit tablet didn’t get any good result. It’s still the same.”

Where I bought this product, will I repurchase? I bought it from Lazada Online, but sorry guys I won’t repurchase this product again.

Want to try it yourself? Okay.. you can buy Oxifit Garcinia Cambogia Here!

You can watch my video here:

To end this post, I hope they will change it to the old stocks I tried because I’m actually dissatisfied with the oxifit now! I nearly empty the bottle with no positive changes in return. It’s a waste of cash and time.

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