Ever notice that several of us have even skin tone the rest of our body yet have underarms that are too dark in comparison? There are a lot of factors why that is yet we are not right here to discuss them, we are here to eliminate them. Just by utilizing our Derma Obsession Underarm Whitening and Peeling Set.

In just a couple of days your skin will disclose a lighter, even out skintone and the undoubtedly chicken skin (increased pores) will gradually lessen, leaving your underarm looking clean and sexy that exhibits self-confidence. You will certainly see prompt results after peeling which often takes place within 2-4 days depending on your skin’s response to the formula.

Get whiter underarms safely, delicately and efficiently with Derma Obsession Underarm Whitening and Peeling Set.



The kit comes with:
Aluminum Chloride
Peeling off Oil
Hydrocortisone Cream
Underarm Whitening Cream

Direction of use


1. Finely use the green peeling oil on tidy underarms, 3x a day for 3(3) days straight. with 15-30 mins interval or up until its soaked up via the skin. Permit it completely dry and DO NOT RINSE.
2. If irritation or redness takes place, use hydrocortisone lotion.
3. After 3 days of using the Peeling oil, rest the skin and wait until it peels-off. DO NOT RUB
4. When the skin has absolutely peel-off and entirely recovered, Use aluminum Chloride in the morning, and apply underarm lightening cream in the evening.

CAUTION: if you are excessively sensitive or had issues of skin responses from using other skin bleaching items; kindly do not use this package.


Utilize your fingers when applying the oil. To stop the redness or itching, Apply hydrocortisone cream on the 2nd day after using the peeling oil.
Do not make use of antiperspirant and avoid washing the underarms with soap throughout the peeling session. Waxing and shaving could be finished with utmost care. Location underarm lotion in a cool dark location such as your refrigerator. Peeling interval needs to seek 3 months prior to you could execute another peeling session. Utilize the underarm bleaching lotion with deo for maintenance or use it as your deodorant.

Adverse effects: temporary itching, inflammation, pain that should go away within days of correct usage. No untoward adverse effects

Do not hang around up, you’ve got nothing to lose but those dark humiliating underarms.


Other questions and worries: SMS/Viber 09126174863.




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