Real vs Fake Dermacol Make-up Cover_0860

Real vs Fake Dermacol Make-Up Cover

Real vs Fake Dermacol Make-up Cover

So in today’s blog, Real vs Fake Dermacol Make-up Cover, lets do some comparison review about this foundation so we can help others to recognize how to spot real from fake. And also, to avoid being scammed by those sellers who sell for the original price and then you receive the counterfeit product.

In order to know real from fake, here’s the difference.

Real vs Fake Dermacol Make-up Cover

Packaging of Dermacol Make-up Cover Real vs Fake:

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The vividness of the text used for real is golden yellow while fake is yellow green and both sides of the boxes look identical. Except at the back of the fake product, the line is missing. The real Dermacol tube packaging looks slimmer than fake. The texture of the real product is matte and the tube color is pale while the fake one is glossy to touch. Tube packaging of the imitation product is darker than the authentic one. Same with text color, real is grayish while fake is black.

Real vs Fake Dermacol Make-up Cover_0869

Another thing, the cap of the real product is darker, taller and bigger from fake. The fake opener looks straight with a diamond shape while the genuine one is rounded shape.

And last but not the least, real dermacol make-up cover is total coverage even in 1 layer, can cover my tattoo while the fake one is not full coverage and consistency is creamy.

tattoo makeup cover

Tips to Avoid Fake Dermacol Make-up Cover?

Always check feedback, reviews of a certain product before your money out. If there’s an opportunity to contact the seller to inquire for the actual photo of the product then go ahead and check. Once you confirm the seller is legit and the product authenticity, then go ahead and place your order.

WATCH MY VIDEO HERE! 720p for better viewing.

That’s basically it. So, did you mistakenly purchased a fake Dermacol make-up cover? Where did you get it from? You can comment your thoughts in the comment box below.

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  1. I have been using dermacol for months and i absolutely love it! I am in New Zealand so accessing it easily has been difficult but found a supplier in the UK which i have brought from multiple times now and never had any issues. Due to busy lifestyle i didnt realize i was running out and as shipping takes 3 or more weeks to get to me i needed something quicker so i located some on my local trading website which arrived in 3 days. Im a bit worried that i have brought fake products so im super glad ive stumbled across this article as i will be checking as soon as i got home. The first day i used it i noticed straight away that the product didnt blend as well and was a lot more streaky. That afternoon my boyfriend pointed out that i had blood on my forehead….. upon further inspection in the mirror i noticed tiny specs of what looked like blood coming through my poors (it looked like a graze on my head that was bleeding slightly.) I had been to the dentist that morning and the only logical (but yet not really) explanation i could come up with was that maybe when i went to rinse out in the sink blood splattered up and hit my face!!???? It wiped away easily and i went about my day. The next day however was even worse. I went to the bathroom that afternoon and my entire face was covered in tiny (but VERY noticeable) blood specs coming from my pores! My forehead, my chin and both checks i look like i face planted the ground or taken a grater to my face! Im not 100% sure if it is a reaction to this foundation but i have not changed anything else in my routine except where i purchased these new tubes from.

    1. I think that was the harmful chemicals caused from fake dermacol makeup cover. In my case I got 2 big pimples, and left a scar on my face. Now, I stop using fake makeup products in the face or else you will look like zombies.. Bleeding! Omg. **Lesson Learned! Thanks for your comment though, it’s a great help to others.

  2. I bought a fake. The box gave it away, the back top was a sticker, but the tube was a very good match. It was the right color, the right feel and the point was right. Just check the shiny logo on back and make sure its not a sticker!

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