Revia Hair Colors Review – Hazelnut

Revia Hair Colors

Hair Coloring is not new to me, I tried a lot of hair dye products already. I even tried to bleach my hair to get the perfect blond, but since I stop the routine of bleaching the roots of my hair and for almost 2 years, I got the healthy black hair, thick and long. Revia Hair Colors

Then Revia offer and sent me 2 shades of their Hair Colors, and I become Interested to Color my hair again, for a changed maybe. Revia has 15 fashionable shades to choose from and I got 3 boxes Hazelnut Brown and 2 boxes Platinum blonde / Blond Platine.

Revia Hair Colors Platinum Blond Blond Platine I’m planning to use that blond for highlights after I color my hair with the Hazelnut Brown. Yesterday, I started to dye my hair with the Revia Hazelnut Brown and I consumed 2 boxes.

Please Note: I had this very thick and black healthy hair so some hair colors can’t get the exact color or shade from the first session. I needed to re apply the hair color from the other day to get the desired shade illustrated in the box..

I started with the top, combing and putting a lot of mixture from the top of my hair on the way to the tips. After applying the mixture, I finished the two bottles/ 2 boxes of Revia Hair Colors. I let it stay for about 3 hours to make sure that it will cover and change all the color of my hair. Then 30 minutes before bath I applied Revia Hair Care Balm to stabilized the dying effect and to condition my hair. That’s how I applied the conditioner.

The smell of the mixture wasn’t that strong unlike the bleach mixture I tried before it stings and very itchy, but Revia hair colors smell milder.



I didn’t get the hazelnut color as I expected, I knew it already because I have a very healthy hair so any hair colors need a lot of reapplication to get the desired result. The result turn to chocolate brown or like dark brown and it looks really great. I like it though.

See this after photo.

Indoor Shot - After
Indoor Shot – After
Revia Hair Colors Review - Hazelnut Brown Outdoor Shot After Photo
Revia Hair Colors Review – Hazelnut Brown Outdoor Shot After Photo

I’m so excited for the reapplication as it will look as the true hazelnut shade. Then after that I will use the platinum blond / Blond Platine for some highlights. I’m sure the color will now become vibrant since I already done some hair dying several times for my hair. Revia is extremely lasting, deep, and brilliant color and perfect for covers gray hair. My mother in law will surely love it too. It cost only 285php, and also available from Watsons.

To check out their available shades, you can visit Revia Hair Colors FACEBOOK Page Revia Philippines.


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