Review: ERASE Pimple Solution with Rose Extracts

Review: ERASE Pimple Solution with Rose Extracts

Review: ERASE Pimple Solution with Rose Extracts

ERASE Pimple Solution with Rose Extracts

Acne? Is always be the struggles of my skin. Yes, because of my acne prone skin.

Well, that’s not new right ladies?

Sometimes, I envy those celebrities because they are blessed with flawless skin, as if they never struggles with those imperfections that we wish we never have had before.

Lucky you if your skin is PERFECT! šŸ™‚

Well, through the years we have learned more. I learn how to deal with my skin. I learn how to take care of my skin throughout theĀ day and this toner is one of the products that helps me.

The product is ERASE Pimple Solution with Rose Extracts, Ived been using this for 3 weeks now and it really helps me, but this isĀ not the only one product that solves my acne problems because I also used Royal Beauty Kojic Papaya Soap which I review HERE,Ā and also the St. Ives Apricot Scrub which also a very effective product. All of them really works for acne prone skin.

Okay, since this post is about ACNE. I am going to share a review of this toner, ERASE Pimple Solution with Rose Extracts.

What’s in this product?

  • anti-acne
  • anti-bacterial
  • Deep-cleansing
  • Pore minimizer

ERASE Pimple Solution contains ROSE EXTRACTS that kill pimple-causing bacteria. Its deep cleansing ingredients to remove excess oil and stubborn dirt that causes whiteheads and blackheads. It heals pimple in as fast as two days. It also helps unclog and refine skin pores preventing the onset of new ones.


ERASE Pimple Solution with Rose Extracts

I bought it at Lazada Online Shopping, expect that from me because I love shopping at Lazada. The Pimple Solution cost P455 set of 2, it comes with a white box and a flip open cap and a plastic bottle hourglass shape packaging, net weight is 100ML.

I started using the product after 3 days of using the Royal Beauty Kojic Papaya Soap as my everyday facial soap, to make sure thatĀ the soap would not cause any problem with my skin. I had 3 big pimples when I started using the soap that’s why I make sure that itĀ won’t cause any problem with my skin when I begin using the Erase Pimple Solution, then when I check that the soap won’t be theĀ issue I begin using the product.

Now, it’s been 3 weeks and the bottle here is already half empty. I noticed that this toner dries up my pimples fast. It get started toĀ healed for about 3 days using the toner and actually when there a new pimple coming up it prevents it which impressed me a lot.

ERASE Pimple Solution contains ROSE EXTRACTS
ERASE Pimple Solution contains ROSE EXTRACTS After Using for 3 Weeks.


The toner really works for me. Though, it does not clear the marks leave by the pimples I’m proud that it finally leave my face freeĀ with pimples. Now, I’m finally free with pimples. Thanks to Royale Beauty Kojic Papaya Soap and ERASE Pimple Solution with Rose Extracts.

But the problem won’t end there, the pimples leave marks on my face and I’m looking for a way to lighten it. Still, I’m using the soap

and the toner along with St. Ives Apricot Scrub to clear the marks on my face, these three products are my favorites as of this timeĀ and I want to know if these also works on taking away acne marks on my face. Well, let’s find out! Just stay tuned for the update.

Alright, that’s it guys! See you on my next update and review!

Good Luck! šŸ™‚

Love you Loves! XOXO,

 xoxo tin blog


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