Review: Fashion21 Auto Eyebrow Pen – Dark Brown, Light & Grayish

First impression: I thought it was a pencil sealed with a plastic wrap. When I open it, I got surprised it was a retractable pen, and then I realized that was auto eyebrow means, you no need to sharpen it. I’m happy because I got all my favorite shades which is anything brown. They sent me dark brown, light brown and grayish brown.

Fashion21 Auto Eyebrow Pen – Dark Brown, Light & Grayish


The Packaging is very sleek, the eyebrow pen comes with a matte black twist retractable pen, net wt. 0.25g for the price of 80 pesos. NOT BAD! For the price of the product the quality is so good and I find it a great find. You know, you can collect all available shades of these eyebrow and you can bring them wherever you go.

Mfg and Expiry date
Mfg and Expiry date..

APPLICATION: I made a swatches of these three shades that you can see here:

Fashion21 Auto Eyebrow Pen – Dark Brown, Light & Grayish


You can watch my video here, make sure to select HD quality while watching.

The application of the eyebrow pen was very smooth, I can easily draw and outline my eyebrow and color it with all the shades that I got, I was expecting a ómbre effect but it was not visible since I got the shades which almost like the same color.


The pigmentation was medium to heavy because I noticed that the product doesn’t stick to much on my hair-brows while I was applying it and yeah be careful not to push it harder or else it will easily break off. Just take it easy.


The Verdict:
Fashion21 Auto Eyebrow Pen is really a very good find for its price, with its very sleek packaging, working mom and single ladies would love to bring it anywhere. And guys, this is the best eyebrow pen for beginners, not because of the affordable price but because of a natural look that mostly filipina always prefer on the go.

 Want to know more about fashion21 products? You can visit Fashion 21‘s website and Fashion 21’s Facebook page.



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