Review: Hypersharp Wing Black liquid liner by Maybelline

Review: Hypersharp Wing Black liquid liner by Maybelline

Review: Hypersharp Wing Black liquid liner by Maybelline
Where to Buy? Watson’s Nationwide / SM Department Store
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Hi guys, am back! You know guys lately I’ve been doing this eyeliner thing and now I think I’m still not good at it. It’s kind of difficult to draw on my upper line because of my shaky hand. But the good news is I have discovered this brand of eyeliner that make the job very easy.

The product is Maybelline Hyper sharp Wing Eyeliner, I saw this on Maybelline counter when I was looking for makeup foundation from this brand and I never expected that I will buy this product until I get my hands on it. One thing came to my mind, maybe when I try this pen type liner it will be easier than the usual liquid eyeliner that I struggle so much. Oh, it’s a bit pricey, so I expected that the money I spend to it will going to be worth it.

  • Maybelline Hypersharp Wing Liner promises cleaner, more precise lines and comes with a duo thickness brush that allows you to vary the thickness of your eyeliner depending on the occasion.
  • The duo thickness flat tip brush measures 0.01 mm. on one side for thin strokes and can go up to 2 mm. for thicker lines. All you have to do is twist the pen to adjust the thickness. Plus, it is 100% water-proof and highly pigmented, which means your eyeliner stays put for 24 hours.
  • Maybelline Hypersharp Wing Liner Waterproof, Black

Nothing special about this product because it looks like a sign pen, Maybelline hyper sharp wing eyeliner from the name itself caught my attention so after a couple of trying out, finally I master the art of making eyeliner wing. It’s very easy to draw and it dries so quickly so I didn’t get any transfers or smudges on my skin. I can make a thin layer or just a bit thicker wing to my makeup look for the day and I love how it looks so natural on me.

This is the best eyeliner pen that I ever tried in my whole life! Ha-ha Sounds exaggerated I am? But that’s the truth. I’M not an eyeliner girl, but after this, I can now say I am belong to the eyeliner pen baby! Yay. I love it.


So sorry for my large pores in this photo!

For the price of P329. It’s definitely worth it. Perhaps this type of eyeliner is perfect for beginners, they can easily draw a wing line using this product and it’s very easy to practice like you are just using a ball pen to draw a line. If you are like me who struggle on liquid eyeliner, Try this brand and I’m more pretty sure you will love it too. Mark my words! 🙂

Disclaimer: I bought this product and all thoughts are purely based on my experienced with it! I didn’t get paid to write a review for it. I just love to share my discovery with everyone.

Spread the good vibes! Mwuah :*

Love you Loves! XOXO,

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