Review: MeNow Long lasting lip gloss and Lip Swatch

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Hi loves,

Here’s another lipstick review for you! This is MeNow Generation II Long lasting lip gloss, I got this from BeautyMNL for free as their chosen blogger to give their shop a test run. They have so many makeup brands available to choose from. Some are high end makeup and others are low end. So, this lipstick was one of my heart desired because it is inexpensive and claims that long lasting! Well, that’s the reason why I bought this lipstick.

MeNow Long lasting lip gloss
Review: MeNow Long lasting lip gloss and Lip Swatch


Now, let’s see if it’s true! MENOW long lasting lip gloss comes with this cute packaging, I love the packaging because it is very light and handy. It comes with a small test-tube like packaging with a standard doe foot applicator. I think there is 16 shades available of the lip gloss but I only choose 1 for a review.

First time I tried this liquid lipstick was horrible! I get disappointed because it took only about 10 minutes on my lips and all the colors in the center part crumble, it looks unpleasant so I remove it all over my lips.

The liquid lipstick was very much pigmented, it opaque texture and has a matte finish. I LOVE this thing on this lip gloss, but then again the long lasting claim on the label is all hype. OMG! I don’t even imagine myself wearing this on the go because it’s kind of really hard to fix.

Matte. I love how it looks on the lips because although it is matte, it does not feel dry on my lips at all. Yes, it looks dry but because of the texture of the lipstick. There’s no glossiness and no shiny look whatsoever! That’s why I’m wondering why this liquid lipstick label as lip gloss.

APPLICATION: Since this is liquid matte lipstick with a doe foot applicator, I find it hard to apply on my lips because of the applicator is really long. (Problem with my shaky hand) The lipstick need time to set, I think it took about 1 minute before it totally dry. Don’t rub your lips, and don’t touch upper and lower lip while it’s not totally dry because you will end up with a messy crumble color.


I LIKE the color payoff of this lip gloss, vibrant and so pretty in the photo.

WHAT I DON’T LIKE is that it is not long lasting! It crumbles and so long to set, it does not glide smoothly, super drying to the lips and the stains really hard to remove. You need to use makeup remover oil based to take away all the products.

Repurchase!? NO. I’m not comfortable wearing this outside the house. NOT my type of everyday and on the go matte lipstick.


✿ Disclaimer: All my product reviews, either sponsored or personally bought myself, are purely based on my experience with it. All products I recommend, may or may not work for everyone.

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