Rucy’s Vanity BB Cream Review – Gleamy Whitening

Rucy’s Vanity BB Cream Review – Gleamy Whitening

Rucy’s Vanity BB Cream Review – Gleamy Whitening

Today’s review guys, let’s try Rucy’s Vanity BB Cream in the shade #21 Natural. I bought it from glamourbox for only P144.00 (around 3$). It comes in a sturdy box and the actual product comes in a squeeze tube packaging almost looks the same colour and labels on the box.

The ingredients/caution and claims are also present in the packaging and you can see it in the photo below:

Gleamy Whitening BB Cream - Rucys Vanity

Here are the claims stated in the 5 effects of Rucy’s Vanity BB Cream:

Sunblock, Anti Wrinkle, Whitening, makeup base & foundation

What I Like about Rucy’s Vanity BB Cream is that it is made in Korea, so that means you will anticipate a Korean makeup look lol! Anyway, I love love Korean Skin they look all flawless. 🙂

I also noticed that it has a light luminous effect on skin.


Rucy's Vanity Full Face First Impression


What I don’t like from this BB Cream is that I oil up after 3 hours, but other than that It doesn’t look dull, I just blot with my oil control sheet then set it again with powder.

Wearing time only last 3 to 4 hours.

Rucys Vanity Before and After BB Cream

Here is my video below: (watch it in HD please)

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