Sephora’s Sleeping Mask and Leaders Cosmetics Skin Care Regimen

Sephora Facial Mask

Sephora’s Sleeping Mask and Leaders Cosmetics Skin Care Regimen


Few days, I’m struggling with skin problems so I really want to combat acne and my blemishes. Looking out new skin care products, luckily I got an offer from Sephora Philippines for their facial mask collections. Then, after a week I got these 4 kinds of facial mask from them. I started the routine in the evening after receiving the package.

I started with the sleeping mask because that’s the easiest thing to do nowadays, I got so much work to do and I can only do it on my night skin care routine that’s before I sleep.

That night after cleaning my face with my face facial wipes and face wash I put Sephora’s rose sleeping mask, it looks like a clear jelly cream inside a small cap, actually it looks like jelly which is my daughter’s favorite gelatin candy, it also smells yummy like I want to eat it! 😛


How I use it?
Before I use the mask, I already have small pimples on some areas of my face, then when I apply it, it feels a bit tingling sensation on some pimples then in the morning I wash it. I noticed that it dries my pimples in the morning. To make it sure that it works! I repeat the process the other night and yeah it works! Good job!

In the morning after washing my face, I feel like my skin is well moisturized. I noticed that it makes my skin a little tight and I love it.

DAY 2: 05/23/2016
I’m using here the other sleeping mask, same packaging, but different ingredients and benefits.


DAY 3: After using 2 kinds of Sleeping Mask for 2 nights, I also tried their Collagen Lifting skin renewal mask, this one works for skin firming and skin elasticity and target areas like dryness. The mask came from a very cute packaging. No wonder this mask is originally made in Korea. You know guys Korea has a super cute packaging when it comes to cosmetic and skin care. Plus the smell, omg! I love it. I use the mask entirely on my face leaving it for 20 minutes. After removing it, my skin feels a bit sticky because of the essence that absorbed, but I don’t really mind the feeling because in the morning I will just wash it off.

I still have few redness because I have pimples from my cheeks. That’s because I sleep late at night and I only have 5 to 6 hours sleeping habit. Sometimes, I only got 4 hours sleep and if that’s happened, I suffer with zits. I’m telling you this to prove that I didn’t get these pimples because of the facial mask.

DAY 4:
I used here the Pore Control Mask with Egg Extract. This also comes with a sheet mask suited for getting rid of skin troubles. It promises to solve these worries to achieve a whole new skin. Trying this mask makes my skin look fresher and supple. Although it may not work fast on my large pores, I’m happy because it does not clog my pores. It is not also aggravating my acne.

The overall performance of the product is quite good. I think the Pore Control Mask will make any noticeable changes for me when I use it on a regular basis. All mask specially the rose and orchid Sephora sleeping mask works almost the same with me. And the most important thing for me is that it won’t break me out! Oh, you know guys, I hate products who get me on that skin trouble.

So guys, what’s your favorite facial mask?

✿ Disclaimer: All my product reviews, either sponsored or personally bought myself, are purely based on my experience with it. All products I recommend, may or may not work for everyone.

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