Skin Potions Lightning Bunny Facial Wash Review

Skin Potions Lightning Bunny Facial Wash Review

What I love about Skin Potions their formula of Skin Care mostly organic just like Skin Potions Lightning Bunny Facial Wash. I found one of this face wash that I used every time I have to treat acne breakouts. And it acts like any other products I used regularly.


A brightening facial wash with a non-drying PH and Instantly cleans and brightens skin; leaves skin visibly flawless after one wash; brings softness and bounce back to your face; infused with anti-pimple ingredients banish breakouts; formulated with aqua, Avena sativa oil, Rosa moschata oil, sodium cocoate, honey, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Phenoxyethanol and fragrance


MY EXPERIENCED USING Skin Potions Lightning Bunny Facial Wash:

I like the applicator brush made with silicone, it’s sort of gentle and soft touch like I can exfoliate using it without worrying to tear off the outer layer of my skin. It doesn’t feel pain when you scrub it off. You just have to pump the cap, then water will come out of the holes at the center of the silicone brush. Awesome! 🙂
The fragrance of the liquid inside smells pretty mild, not overpowering, so I think this is good because I have allergies with kind of scent.
Truly, I don’t rinse my face often. I simply do it twice daily. When I take a bath and before I sleep. Thus, I seldom used this and still got half of the liquid inside the bottle.

Skin Potions Lightning Bunny Facial Wash
The effect is then good, I always feel like fresh and baby soft skin after using it. It doesn’t get my face bright, but it helps with my skin problems like acne, pimples, and white/blackheads. So, the instantly effect with brightening I didn’t observe it. Perhaps, when I used it longer. Overall, I enjoyed myself using the product, but I couldn’t feel that I will purchase it again.

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