Skinny Coffee Instant Coffee Mix Drink Review

Skinny Coffee Instant Drink Mix Review

I know some of you guys knows already that I’m a coffee addict and my favorite is Nescafe but this brand has higher content of sugar that makes me gain more weight around my waist that I truly disgust a lot. So I did some googling to try a different kind of coffee that does not have a sugar or sugar free and this is the skinny coffee diet drink that I discovered from Facebook, skinny coffee is sweetened with STEVIA – an herb sweetener that can be used as a sugar substitute. A sugar substitute is extracted from the leaves of the plant Stevia (Source). If you want to how it looks like here’s the photo of it came from wiki. 


Some of the sellers over hype the claim of this coffee, but that does not matter to me. I bought it because it’s a sugar free coffee and that’s it.

The packaging is good, super travel friendly and you can even keep a box in your bag or just a sachet of it. Mine, I always bring 2 sachets inside my bag, but be cautious because its not advisable to put coffee or any food in your bag or else your bag will be ruined by rats! ( If there’s more rats in your house, maybe.)

If you want, you can also serve it hot and cold, but I always prefer hot, so I don’t have any idea how it taste like when drink cold.

And guys this coffee is not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women. So then if you are one of them don’t be tempted.

(skinny slimming coffee sakura with l-carnitine, garcinia cambogia and green tea, direction and ingredients)


I keep getting these questions on my blog if has the effect and now here is my feedback after almost done with 12 boxes of the coffee. I drank it twice a day, every morning after 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach, then next is the coffee for my breakfast. No bread or any food, just the coffee alone.

It tastes good, but to be honest, nothing beat on my favorite Nescafe coffee brown. After a couple of hours I noticed that burnt on my stomach, maybe because I’m acidic and it craves me to eat more! That’s how I felt every time I drank, eat, I end up overeating at lunch time. I felt like super gutom ako really and I need rice more and more, plus dish I love meats, chicken skin, cholesterol omg! Well, that’s only at lunch time because I don’t eat breakfast and to be honest magana talaga ako kumain (eat) So maybe what I really need in order to lose more weight is first to control my appetite and to control myself also.

After 12boxes, honestly, I didn’t lose weight with skinny coffee, instant drink mix and I didn’t gain weight either. That’s pretty cool because as a coffee drinker, I think this one will not add more fats on my body and that’s okay with me because my weight becomes stagnant. I just needed some regular exercise and active lifestyle and there you are losing weight is near. What I like about this coffee is the energy booster, this makes my whole day awake and confident to fulfill all my works throughout the day. It makes my mind active, although not physically, but it’s a great help with my day to day computer work.

If you’re struggling with weight loss and trying to find some way to shred fat around your waste don’t get fooled on this coffee guy because this will not make you skinny on the instant. Go outside walk and run, do some regular crunches around your waist and solve your problem slowly, but surely!

Good luck..


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