Slimina weight Loss Capsule Review

Slimina Weight Loss Capsule Review – Does it Work?

What: Slimina Weight Loss Capsule Review – Does it Work?
Got mine: Lazada
Price: P1200 not sale..

First, I research if this safe to be taken inside our body and good news guys it is safe. 🙂 I have read reviews from other user to convince myself and yes, I’ve convinced myself.

I started march 1, 2017.. To make sure of what my kilo is I step into my weighing scale with my current kilo that time at 71.5Kg. Gosh! Now, I know I’ve gained a lot, this is because of the last year holidays.. Christmas Eve and New Year, I almost looked like balyena, Nakakalower ng self esteem.

slimina side effects

Slimina Weight Loss Capsule Claims:

  • No Diarrhea, No palpitation, no headache.
  • Helps facilitate the reduction of body fat
  • Get into your desired weight safely.
  • Eat all you want and still lose weight
  • Slimming with no several side effects
  • Speeds up metabolism and boost energy

1ST Week of my Journey: Slimina Weight Loss Capsule Review:

During my first day, I didn’t notice any effect, but during my 2nd day I noticed that I sweat a lot, I really feel wanted to drink water. After that, I feel full. I drank it every day after I wake up in the morning with 2 full glasses of water, then after an hour I just take half of a sandwich and sexy coffee for my breakfast..


I only eat half rice and a cup of dish (kahit ano) I think that’s only 6 to 8 spoonfuls to eat. It happens almost every day for 21 days.


I only have fruit shake.. So, Monday to Friday I have fruits keep inside my freezer ready to shake during snack time. I made it to my Demotech Food Processor. Click here to learn more 🙂

Workout Time: 5 to 6pm 3 times a week.


Just the same with the lunch time, half rice and a cup of kahit anong ulam 🙂 That’s the routine happened for the whole week.. It hasn’t changed with week 2. Until now, today is march 21 (written this blog post.) I’m excited to see my weight and to my surprised!
66KG I’ve almost lost 5Kg..

Before: 71.5kg
After: 66Kg

Thanks Slimina Weight Loss Capsule.

Note: I’ve taken this with exercise.

LIKE for Slimina weight Loss Capsule Review:

1) Control my cravings
2) I sweat more mostly when exercising.
3) I eat less.. But I don’t skip meals
4) Lost 5kg in 20 days
5) Inexpensive

Dislike for Slimina Weight Loss Capsule Review:

1) No diet and Exercise – you need to for more effect.

Overall, this Slimming Capsule works and I love it, I can’t wait to lose more weight and reach my desired figure and I’m ready to purchase my second bottle. Have you tried Slimina Weight Loss Capsule? How it works? Don’t forget to leave your comment below! 🙂

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