Strawberry Spots Nail Art Design BASIC

Strawberry Spots Nail Art Design BASIC

Strawberry Spots Nail Art Design BASIC

When I was doing this Nail Art, I remember the Teleserye Forevermore Love Team “XandNess”.

You can watch the Teleserye here:  The website stated that:

Forevermore is set to shake up the hearts and minds of primetime viewers with its unique tale about first love that blossomed between two different people — the rebellious and irresponsible unico hijo of a hotel magnate, Xander (Enrique), and the feisty and hardworking Strawberry Jam Queen of La Trinidad, Benguet, Agnes (Liza). Xander and Agnes’ extraordinary relationship starts after an intoxicated Xander crash lands his parachute into a strawberry truck. To teach him a lesson, his parents made him pay for the damages he caused by making him work at the strawberry farm under the guidance of Agnes and other strawberry farmers.

This is only the soap Opera I watch every night. Yes! I’m a big fan of Enrique and Coco Martin so After Ikaw Lamang I’m so Thankful that Enrique was choosen as the Leading Man on Forevermore. So back to the Topic, hehe! I made this Strawberry Nail Art the time I am watching the Teleserye.

You can watch the video here:

What you need:

  1. Yellow Nail Polish
  2. Green Nail Polish
  3. Base Coat
  4. Top Coat
  5. Nail Art Tools
  6. Red Nail Polish



1. Start a layer of base coat and Let it Dry.  Paint your nails yellow.

2. With red polish, paint spheres with pointy bottoms scattered on your nails. You can use a paintbrush to achieve the effect. Make them tiny so you can put as many as you can on each nail.

3. With a thin paintbrush and green polish, paint leaves on the tops of the spheres.

4. Use your dotting tool to create black spots on the read spheres. Once dry, seal with a top coat.

I hope you enjoy these tutorial! I completely cherish every comment that comes from my charming viewers! Kindly do not be reluctant to make a comment down below!! mwuahh :*

Love you Loves! XOXO,

 xoxo tin blog


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