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LOL Matte Lipstick Review | First Impression

Product: LOL Matte Lipstick Review | First Impression (Bordeaux) Lately, I can’t stop shopping, makeup online and offline. It’s like I’m becoming obsessed with it. Testing different brands locally and internationally. Hence, I have decided I would review all that Items I tried already. Everything that I love for makeup to skin care. And that […]

HAUL + UNBOXING: Althea Box & YouTube Made me Buy It

HAUL + UNBOXING: Althea Box & YouTube¬†Made me Buy It I’m getting obsessed with anything Makeup-makeup, especially those in a makeup subscription box. I just love unboxing. Before I tried Philippine based online shopping site such as Bdj Box and GlamourBox but they only have a few options. Unlike what I found from Althea Korea […]

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