The Saem Water Candy Tint Review

The Saem Water Candy Tint Review_Cover

The Saem Water Candy Tint Review

Lately, I’ve been enjoying Korean products for skin care and to their makeup line. I have decided I will review them here in my blog since I have been using them for weeks now. Actually, I’m pretty much hooked. I can’t imagine how great all these babies, if I knew it before I started it sooner. ūüôā

The Saem Water Candy Tint Review

Okay. Let me start with the makeup review, I have here The Saem Water Candy Tint that I bought from (Online Shop Located in the Philippines.)

What is The Saem Water Candy Tint?

A water type Korean lip makeup that makes a gorgeous color payoff in just one layer of an application. It stains your lips with a vivid color depending on how you use it.


The packaging is cute, you know Koreans when it comes to beauty products even in fashion style they are unique, cute and classy. You see this Water Candy Tint is not exactly cute, but looks yummy.. And not only that it smells good, I love the packaging because it came from a doe foot applicator which I prefer than a roller ball. It’s very comfortable to apply and blends really well. I barely used makeup when I’m home, but since I got these lip products I can’t stop using it daily. The reason is it looks natural and long lasting. It doesn’t smudge, it fades out naturally so I keep on re applying it many times.

Shades that I got and Lip Swatches:

The Saem Water Candy Tint Review - Swatches

Red Mango 

The Saem Water Candy Tint Review_RedMango2

Water Candy Tint Review_RedMango


The Saem Water Candy Tint Review_Strawberry01

Water Candy Tint Review_Strawberry


The Saem Water Candy Tint Review_Cherry1

You can watch my video below: 720p for better viewing.

What I Like?

  • Color payoff is great.
  • Stains well..
  • Mousse Finish Build-ability
  • 90% Long lasting effect
  • Water proof / Oil proof
  • Very affordable as well

What I don’t like¬†about it?

  • A little bit drying on the lips
  • Not available in leading drugstores nationwide

Water Candy Tint Review_Cover

Overall, I like the formula of the water candy tint. I really like the packaging and I will not throw it even it went empty. Perhaps, I will put my favorite shade from kjm tint inside the candy bottle since I like doe foot applicator. This product is perfect for teenagers and ladies who wants to look 10 years younger. Besides, I like wearing this in a casual kikay outfit..

That’s it for today’s blog. ¬†Stay tuned for more!

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