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In 1987, NutriBiotic pioneered the process and use of grapefruit seed extract. At NutriBiotic, you will find the fruits of our labors in a range of products including our skin cleansers, shower gels, bubble bath, dental gels, deodorants, body and foot powder, liquid concentrate, capsules, and more.

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GSE has been a staple in our house for several years now. Do a simple google search and you will find all of the fantastic uses for this product, from a floor cleaner to a gene real purpose cleaner to a fruit and vegetable wash. The bottle lasts a long time, but still, buy the large size because it doesn’t go bad. Have an extra one in hand to share with a friend after you realize how great it really is!


this product is excellent for home and travel….most effective for internal and external purification purposes.

You get a lot for your money with this product. GSE really helps your immune system and you don’t need much of it for it to work. It lasts quite a while.
GSE kills all kinds of bacteria, fungi etc
I use it to clean the house – a few drops in a big bucket of hot water and counter, floors, shelves … everything is rid of microbes.
A drop in the laundry helps tremendously.
Non toxic (except to microbes). Can’t live without it any more
PS I’m an integrative and environment medicine physician (MD)



10 drops in a bowl of water ad fruit or veg soak up to 5 minutes or so depending on softness etc., strawberries less-apples more….rinse
many other things it can be use for also


I purchased the large bottle of GSE for the same price I paid for the small bottle at the local health food store. Research this product for the amazing benefits. Try using it to brush your teeth. They will feel amazingly clean…as if you just had them professionally cleaned. I take 10 drops in a glass of water daily as a remedy for several health issues.
So greatful to Vitacost for supplying me with the products I need and FREE SHIPPING.
Lily M



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