Vice Cosmetics Phenomenal Lip Kit - Unicorn Review_2146

Vice Cosmetics Phenomenal Lip Kit – Unicorn Review

Vice Cosmetics Phenomenal Lip Kit – Unicorn Review

Hi guys, I’m back with a new review. I’m going to share with you my thoughts on Phenomenal Lip Kit from Vice Cosmetics. This makeup line is owned by top comedian, actor Vice Ganda. She’s my favorite comedian, actor ever since. So, When she launches her makeup line, I immediately placed my order. But it takes 2 weeks before it arrives here since I’m living in the Province.

Vice Cosmetics Phenomenal Lip Kit - Unicorn Review

I bought 3 makeup, 2 of the good vibes (matte lipstick) And 1 liquid lipstick which is the Phenomenal Lip Kit in the shade Unicorn, which is for this review. (The color is in between purple and plum). The price is P295.00 for a Lip Kit already. Wow.. So it is very affordable!

Phenomenal Lip Kit in the shade Unicorn


It reminds me of Kylie Lip Kit because it occurs with a lip liner. The only difference is that the Kylie lip kit is a smaller box, but the designs you can’t tell Vice Cosmetics is just P295.00. It looks like P500+ like the prices of the high-end brands.



Phenomenal Liquid Lip Kit – Ganda is in your hands right now. A vibrant pop of color on your lips that’s light and lasts all day. It’s smudge-proof and comes with a beautiful matte finish. To make it fun and pretty, pair it with the ultra smooth glide lip liner.


First I tested it when drinking water and so far the liquid lipstick didn’t transfer on the mug. I eat noodle soup (in Bicol, it’s called ginisang pansit) It didn’t transfer my food, as well as on the bread that I ate. So, I would say it is definitely kissed proof, transfer proof and waterproof. Here is my photo wearing the liquid lipstick (unicorn) After 3 hours. Still good and I don’t even need a retouch.

3 Hours Wear Test

After almost 7 hours wear time, here is now my lips look like.

Vice Cosmetics Phenomenal Lip Kit - Unicorn Review_4

I would say I’m in love with the shade I got. The formula is okay with me though it’s super duper drying, it really lasts all day long. Especially if you don’t eat oily food, I tested it with noodle soup and it went well. It fades on the inner part, but the changes affect only on the opacity of the color. I tried to retouch the product after our dinner and the application still good not as smooth as the first application but I can build up the layer. And yes, it is okay to retouch on the fade part.

Overall, this liquid lipstick (Vice Cosmetics Phenomenal Lip Kit – Unicorn) is must have ladies! But again, I won’t recommend this to a person with dry flaky lips because you won’t be comfortable wearing it all day. But if you really want to use it a moisturizer before the application will be a great help. Also, exfoliate to get an even result. That’s it for today’s review guys. Good Luck!

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