VITAPACK 8 in 1 Whitening Lotion Review

Hi guys, how are you? You know what I got a good news for you right now, I found a new skin lightening product that works. Well, I didn’t expect that it will really work until one day a friend notice it. She even ask me what my current whitening secret?

Wow! As in I never expected that time because nowadays I often see my whole body in the mirror, you know guys already that I’m addicted into skin whitening! It’s the easiest way I know how to do, except from getting slim! How I wish losing weight can be so easy too, but no, it’s not!

Okay, so guys I know that you already know that I’m fair skin, but sometimes my skin also struggle with some rashes and blemishes, It becomes dull and dry, then not until I discovered this VITAPACK 8 in 1 Whitening Lotion. This lotion is a new product line from Vita Pack Philippines. And this Lotion reminds me of their 8 in 1 Whitening Soap that smells exactly the same as this whitening lotion. The color of the content of this lotion is the same too aside from its consistency. The lotion is creamy and liquid-y, it has a super runny soft skin application and it glides on skin easily.

The packaging is cute, though I don’t prefer this kind of packaging because it tend to mess on top of the cap but it looks so classy. I like how it’s exactly labeled, it’s pretty legit, Ingredients, Mfg and expiry date are present on the label.

Properly sealed inside and out. See photo below:

Vitapack 8 in 1 Whitening Lotion
VITAPACK 8 in 1 Whitening Lotion
 VITAPACK 8 in 1 Whitening Lotion
VITAPACK 8 in 1 Whitening Lotion


Ingredients of VITAPACK 8 in 1 Whitening Lotion

VITAPACK 8 in 1 Whitening Lotion Ingredients


Made from a unique blend of premium skin care ingredients- Clairju, VB9 Plus, Argan Oil, Glutathione, Acnebusters– and infused with an alluring fresh scent.



I started using this on this date, see this before photo of me on day 1.

WHAT I LIKE about this product is that I can apply it very fast, it glides on my skin very smooth and it only takes a minute. I applied it on arms, body and legs. And now mine is already half empty. I think today is my 14 day trial of the product, what I noticed while using the lotion for 2 weeks, my skin becomes smooth, soft and healthy. Some of my minor problems like dryness, darken areas caused by rashes are already fading off. I really love how this lotion also helps makes my skin becomes noticeably fair, I love it! (Just a Disclaimer: I’m also taking Glutathione Capsules so this Lotion is not only the product that does its skin whitening, but I noticed It also helps in the whitening process of my skin.)

Photo Taken Daytime:

VitaPack 8in1 Whitening Lotion Review Result

Photo Taken at Night:

VitaPack 8in1 Whitening Lotion Review Before and After



WHAT I DON’T LIKE about this product is the PRICE, it sells for only P499 for this tube. I hope it comes with a bigger size of a product may be like 200ml I think. Still, considering the skin care benefits that you get while continue using it well definitely worth it.


I’m so impressed with this lotion because it feels light and easily absorb of my skin, I used it every night before I sleep and in the morning I fall in love with my skin. You know guys, my skin is my most favorite part of my body. Though it’s not perfect, I always pamper it with a lot of skin care, and vitapack 8in1 whitening lotion has its all the benefits that my skin needs at a nightly basis. After using Vitapack 8 in 1 Whitening Lotion, my skin felt renew and revitalized. It helps lighten my skin and makes it softer and smoother all day. If you ladies have really dry or oily skin, I highly recommend you guys should try this product. IT WORKS both on oily and dry skins. I have oily skin and I use it every night only because I sweat a lot when daytime, but then it helps my skin to retain moisture and looks really bright all day.

This Lotion is available at Watson’s, ZALORA  and Lazada Online Shopping Site. CLICK HERE and start shopping! Or visit their website for more info about their produts:


✿ Disclaimer: All my product reviews, either sponsored or personally bought myself, are purely based on my experience with it. All products I recommend, may or may not work for everyone


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