Vitapack Whitening Soap 8-in-1 Review

Vitapack Whitening Soap 8-in-1

Vitapack Whitening Soap 8-in-1 Review

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Today’s post is about whitening soap review from VITAPACK Philippines. They sent me 2 bars of their 8 in 1 whitening soap that I was just currently using, actually I did finish the first bar that I got so now is my review on it.

The product is Vitapack Whitening Soap 8-in-1, 8 benefits in one 90g bar.

Review - Vitapack Whitening Soap 8-in1


Made from a unique blend of premium skin care ingredients- Clairju, VB9 Plus, Argan Oil, Glutathione, AcnebustersРand infused with an alluring fresh scent.

I did a little bit research about this ingredient Clairju and VB9 plus because I’m not familiar with this
active formula found in this soap and I found out that clairju is an ingredient that prevent from skin
discoloration, the ingredient is made from Hydrolyzed Prune (Prunus domestica). When this
ingredient is added, it has the effect of suppressing melanin intake by the epidermal cells. This
resulted in a skin lightening effect, and we also discovered that it had a moisturizing effect as well.
This ingredient was named Clairju, which is derived from French to mean “fruit juice that purifies the
skin”. If you want to learn more about Clairju, you can check the info here.

VB9- plus is also loaded in the soap which is known for its anti-irritation and brightening effect.
My Take on the Vitapack Whitening Soap 8-in1:

I got 2 bars of the soap to try out and I just finished the first bar. I’m using it on the face only and
neck, and to my body I used Royale Beauty Kojic Papaya Soap. Since this is a vitapack soap
review, let’s focus on the effect of the soap on me.

The packaging is pretty nice, I like it. It’s round and looks like something I want to eat. ūüôā Yummy kasi
yung look nya. Labels, ingredients, batch, manufacturing and expiry date are indicated in the box.

Review - Vitapack Whitening Soap 8-in1

The texture of the soap looks creamy and pure, it lathers well and has a pretty nice scent. I like the
scent because it’s not too strong and also not that mild, it’s kind of in between.

Review - Vitapack Whitening Soap 8-in1

After trying the soap, I noticed that there is something glow on my face, I feel that it’s very clean and
I like the softness of my skin every after bath. I didn’t get any breakout, but it did lighten some of my
acne marks which is a good point.

Will I recommend this product/Repurchase?

Yes, you pretty girls with looking to have a whiter skin tone. I think I’m going to get another bar of
this soap again because it works pretty well on my face.

Where to purchase?
VITAPACK products are available online, you can purchase at Lazada and Zalora, and soon at
Watson’s nationwide.

Or visit their website for more info about their produts:


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