Weight Loss Tea: Biguerlai Tea Review

Weight Loss Tea Biguerlai Tea Review
Weight Loss Tea Biguerlai Tea Review | biguerlai tea toni gonzaga | This Photo Not MINE!

Biguerlai Tea is also known as Biguerlai Slimming Tea. This is definitely weight loss tea product by the Philippines. Biguerlai Tea is a weight reduction tea that gets results more like a colon cleanser than a fat reduction supplement to generate significant weight loss. This is also available from all supermarket and drugstore here in the Philippines and in the stores from several online websites, none of which you will find are definitely an ardent website for Biguerlai Tea. Furthermore it is unclear who the maker is for this product.

Ingredients of Biguerlai Tea

Biguerlai Tea is comprised of a tea bag which contains 75grams Senna Fruits and 25grams Senna Leaves.
Product Descriptions:

Biguerlai Tea is basically truly laxative. This fat reduction or slimming tea contains 75grams Senna which is simply a laxative. It has been commonly used in over the counter laxatives. This ingredient is used as a treatment for constipation and then to soften the stool for all those with hemorrhoids. Biguerlai Tea can possibly be dangerous if given large doses. It might make the consumer to lose important essential vitamins and minerals needed. It could also bring about dehydration of one’s individual. The directions for Biguerlai Tea are to access one cup of tea after your morning shower or before bedtime. It can be cautioned not to ever consume more than one serving each day. The usefull of consuming Biguerlai Tea will possibly not be efficient for being weightloss supplement. The side effects of consuming this tea are extremely negative compared to the benefits unless constipation is the ailment the patron is trying for treating. Biguerlai Tea could cause serious discomfort.
Amazing benefits of Biguerlai Tea

Biguerlai Tea can be used to effectively treat constipation.

Disadvantages of Biguerlai Tea
Consuming Biguerlai Tea might lead to serious discomfort.
Biguerlai Tea is not an effective weight reduction treatment.
Biguerlai Tea fails to include a diet pills or an hunger suppressant.
Biguerlai Tea does not need an ardent website which actually it can also be purchased.
Bottom line:

Biguerlai Tea is only a laxative and actually has no benefits as an effective weight loss supplement. It’s role is have some serious negative effects involved with and must not be executed greater than recommend. Many consumers will discover taking Biguerlai Tea extremely discomforting simply because it may cause cramps simply because it contain Senna Fruits and leaves. This all natural ingredient is made for treating constipation and isn’t invented to treat individuals who tend not to are afflicted by constipation. Making use of a product namely Biguerlai Tea as a weight loss supplement is certainly not an effective or long-term fat loss program. Consumers wanting to shed pounds will want to look for getting a proven weight loss product but not a short 5 to 10 pound weightloss scheme.
Tried and tested weightloss supplement should have a dedicated website. The website should have a a refund guarantee or perhaps a without charge testing offer proving consumers with confidence concerning the product they are purchasing. This dedicated website needs to have published exhibit proving the overall impact of their product. This product should have a fat burner in addition to an appetite suppressant. There is few other ingredients found in this weight loss product.


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