Why It’s Important to Get Professional Spa Skin Care

Why It’s Important to Get Professional Spa Skin Care

Why It’s Important to Get Professional Spa Skin Care

Over years of trial and error, you’ve probably reached a general understanding of your skin type and the necessary treatment it requires to keep it looking healthy.

If you have dry skin—characterized by visible lines, dry patches, and a dull complexion—it’s more than likely you refrain from long showers and routinely moisturizing your skin. If your skin is oily and prone to enlarged pores or acne, you’ve probably invested in top-shelf blemish cover-ups and non-comedogenic beauty products. Regardless of your skin type and the measures you have taken to correcting it, it’s important to consult professional skin care for best results.

Skin Care 101: Your Skin At Risk

Good skin care for your face

While clear skin may be an indication of adequate skin care, many components of healthy skin go beyond the superficial surface.

Your face is susceptible to a concerning number of contaminants, including environmental pollution, pollen, and genetic skin issues. If you live in an area with heavy pollution, simply being outdoors and touching your face will allow oils and bacteria to work their way into your pores.

Generally, blemished skin can even be an indicator of an unhealthy lifestyle. Oily, high-carb foods can contribute to acne, scarred complexions, and damaged skin.

At-Home Facials

At-home facials are usually achieved using targeted face masks, serums, and basic face washes. These can suffice on a weekly basis for cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating. While self-facials provide your outermost layer of skin with a radiant glow, they can break the skin and leave scars, resulting in puffiness and breakouts.

In this light, at-home facials can provide short-term benefits while leaving behind long-term consequences. Though important facial cleanses like extractions, massages, and peels can lead to healthier skin, they can only be administered by a trained esthetician.

The Necessity of Spa Facials

To revitalize and cleanse your skin from contaminants, skin care professionals recommend investing in spa facials as often as your schedule permits. Ideally, a spa facial every three to four weeks will allow your skin to move through the full life cycle of cell growth and exfoliation.

Spa facials offer a deeper clean, improved circulation, healthier pores, and fewer breakouts. A professional esthetician will bathe your skin with higher concentrations of powerful vitamins antioxidants that can contribute to an even complexion.

Keep Quality Skin Care Products

In conjunction with monthly facials, be sure to bring professional skin care to your home. You can ensure that your skin will stay optimally healthy and glowing by continuously revitalizing and nourishing it with quality skin products.

Keep up with research about the newest skin care products and check that the ingredients of your exfoliates aren’t causing more harm to your skin. Exfoliate with pure microdermabrasions crystals to improve skin elasticity and health by removing fine lines, blemishes, and sun damage.

Advice from the Experts

Consult with skin care experts who are trained to review your skin and provide product recommendations specific to your skin type and condition. While you may be reluctant to seek professional care, an aesthetician can give reviews and recommendations that will ultimately protect and promote happy, healthy skin.

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