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Authentic Dr. James Glutathione Review – Effective Or Not?

Authentic Dr. James Glutathione Review – Effective Or Not?

Hi guys,

Today, I’m going to share with you my review about this DR. JAMES ADVANCED GLUTATHIONE FORMULA. I bought this 2 months ago in front of UNEMEC Supermarket.

 Dr. James Glutathione Review
Authentic Dr. James Glutathione Review – Effective Or Not?


Dr. James Glutathione Flagship Products

Dr. James New and Improved Advanced Glutathione Formula – With Alpha-T Acids Skin Whiteners

60 capsules Per bottle:  Cost 1500PHP

Formulation: 100% natural pure glutathione with Alpha-T Acids (each capsule contains 1000mg pure natural glutathione.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules a day preferably with meals.

Each Capsule contains pure natural glutathione since it contains natural elements. It is free from the harmful side effect of this formula is noticeable in as 4 weeks continuous treatment. Fixed pigment concentration ( dark spots and other discoloration) will also be removed.

Pros: Is Dr. James Glutathione Effective? 

I have given it a try for 1 month and this is my honest review. Here are some of my personal observation while taking the product:.

  • Skin Lightening: I already have fair skin but It lightens more when I continue taking the product. (Remember: You need to take plenties of Glutathione Supplement first before you can see the results because the skin whitening is only the side effect when the Glutathione has already spill over in your body).
  • Dark Spots: Some of the dark spots have lightened and some have already vanished.
  • Pimples/Acne: No traces of pimples and acne when they healed. (parang hindi tinubuan ng pimple yung part).


  • Smells like It keeps for a Very long time. Smell like Expired! Oh, I’m not exactly sure if just some of the bottle but the one that I bought really smelled like stock clothes that were kept for a long year.

Will I recommend It?

Maybe Yes. I rate it 4 Out of 5.

If you want to try Dr. James Glutathione Make Sure you purchase the Authentic.
See Picture Below!

* PLEASE NOTE ** all the products I pointed out in this video were purchased with my OWN CASH. BEFORE you INGEST something, kindly make sure your bill of wellness is tidy as well as you are not in any kind of form of the drug as some vitamins could interact with prescriptions. And as constantly, I encourage you to do your research on whats great for YOUR body, as everybody’s body is different!


8 thoughts on “Authentic Dr. James Glutathione Review – Effective Or Not?

  1. I suffering from hyper pigmentation around chin and upper lips area, I complection is fair but I have lots black spot on my face expect forehead.
    Request to you is it effective on above mentioned problems.